Style Trial: Kristen Stewart at the 4th Annual Governors Awards

Kristen Stewart at the 4th Annual Governors Awards

Yes, we’re still on Kristen Stewart watch. Don’t ask us why, but for some reason we’re fascinated by K-Stew and her red carpet adventures, which sometimes go very, very wrong, while other times she gets it more-or-less right.

Which is it this time? Kristen is wearing a  Talbot Runhof floor-length dress, which is considerably more restrained than some of her recent outfits – in fact, she could probably walk into the Downton Abbey drawing room in this, without causing too much of a scandal. Does that make it too matronly, do you think, or is just nice to see her in a dress we can’t see her shapewear through for a change?

  1. To Kristen Stewart’s hair stylist: just please, please please stop doing that to her hair. It looks so horribly disheveled and well…not good. I am so distracted by it that I don’t even care about the outfit.

  2. Dress: LOVELY! Absolutely love it :)
    Kristen Stewart: I am tired beyond tired of seeing this girl everywhere. Honestly. She can’t act, she can’t even strike a proper pose or even SMILE for the cameras. She always looks so uncomfortable and awkward it makes my skin crawl. What her appeal is, I’ll never understand.

    Shame, that dress really is lovely. If it had been, say, Emma Watson who’d donned it, I’d have been completely delighted.

  3. well… id like to see your choices. in the end, she’s rich, she wins awards, and she’s one of the most pretty women out there. so stop hating on her please ??

    1. Please explain to me which part of my post contains any “hatred” towards Kristen Stewart. Please also explain why you feel you are the only person allowed to have an opinion on her outfit. Are you new to the internet?

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