Amanda Seyfried at the New York premiere of Les Miserables

Princess Leia is probably best remembered for the “double-bun” hairdo she rocks for most of the 1st (of the original) Star Wars movie, but we actually preferred her hairdo in the final scene of the movie. You know, where she’s handing out medals to Luke and Han, and she has her hair in this giant pleat right on top of her head?

That’s what we thought of when we saw these photos of Amanda Seyfried at the New York premiere of Les Miserables. Now it’s all we can think of. We’ll let you discuss Amanda’s actual outfit amongst yourselves then: we’ll just sit here and Google Princess Leia pictures…



  1. Okay, here are the problems I’m seeing:
    1. that plait is a completely different color than the rest of her hair,
    2. the eye makeup makes her look like an alien from far away, and it just looks plain stupid close up,
    3. the bottom of the dress is okay, but dead flowers on the bodice and a leaf and/or flames belt? What is going on here?
    4. the top should be more fitted. It looks like it would just slip down to her waist if it were any bigger.

  2. I quite like the whole look. I think she looks fantastic and effortlessly pulls off the outfit and the makeup. And at least she’s not pretending that the pleat is made out of her own hair – it serves more of a “tiara” purpose in my view.

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