Jeffrey Campbell Kick It bootsWell, we didn’t think it was possible, but we have to hand it to Jeffrey Campbell: he’s somehow managed to create a shoe we dislike even more than we disliked the ubiquitous Litas. In fact, speaking of the Litas… these ‘Kick It’ boots are basically what the Litas would look like if they suddenly grew udders, aren’t they? Do those look like udders on the sole to anyone else? They do now, don’t they?

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  1. I have the “brown hiking boot” in a flat. I think it was by another brand, though. Perhaps a brand that also sold fishing poles and camouflage?

  2. EW EW EW. This looks like it would cause the wearer to trip very easily. I seriously think they gathered a group of people together to create a way to make an even uglier Lita. Success I suppose…

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