Emerald: the colour of 2013

Reiss dress, £200 / Reiss mini tank, £31 / Reiss , £265 / Alexander McQueen peep toe heels / Jil Sander , £1,085 / Blue Nile emerald diamond ring, £10,875 / Emerald diamond earrings, £16 / Hair bow accessory, £1.71 / Bond No. 9

Now, we’re not suggesting you should try to wear all of these items at the same time (Er, we probably would, but that’s just us…) but you should probably get used to seeing this colour, because Panetone (a.k.a. “The Powers That Be”) have declared emerald to be the colour of 2013. They were right about tangerine being the colour of 2012, so you might as well trust them, which means we can expect to see a whole lot of emerald hit our favourite fashion stores once the new season stock starts to appear.

Now, if you’ve been reading The Fashion Police for any length of time, you won’t need to be told that we’re downright thrilled to know that we’ll soon be seeing a whole lot more of one of our very favourite colours. Emerald may well be a Fashion Police favourite, however, but, as with all colours, it’s not for everyone, so tell us: will you welcome it as the colour of 2013, or do you just want to skip ahead to 2014, when some other colour will reign supreme?


  1. I was pretty excited to hear that too!! Bright emerald colours don’t really suit me, but I love the deeper emerald greens (such as on that lovely bag). I will definitely keep an eye out in stores!

  2. Welcome it! I’m wearing an emerald green dress right now so at least in a month I’ll be “bang on trend”! And I’ll be even happier if cobalt blue comes in too.. love that colour.

  3. Hi! Just a quick head’s up, it’s Pantone, not Panetone (that one’s an italian pastry ;))

  4. I’m somewhat excited and somewhat not. I’m thrilled that there’s going to be more green stuff, but I don’t want to see it get overplayed so much that I get sick of it.

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