January Jones pink shift dress

It’s not remotely “Betty Draper”, but there is something a bit 60s-inspired about this pink shift dress and flicked-out bob, worn by January Jones to the Paley Centre for media’s 2012 benefit last night.

What do you think of January’s pepto-pink look: fashion crime or damn fine?

[Images: PRPhotos.com]


  1. It’s more a Megan Draper kind of look. The outfit that January hasn’t been able to wear on the show because of where Betty is as a character by the time the ’60′s really get going.

  2. looks a bit like sixties barbie. needs some buttons up the front to give it a bit of definition. or piping. piping would be nice.

  3. It’s actually not a dress… it’s a onesie/ jumpsuit thing. It’s just that it’s so poorly fitted on her you can’t tell it’s supposed to be short shorts.


  4. I like it! Even though it could have been a bit more fitted indeed…
    I actually popped by your website because this: http://secretsales.com/details/Two-Tone-Trousers-in-Brown-337793/?col=253&gender=women and I thought you’d (dis)like it too!

  5. Not bad, but too faded, with her being pale, and the nude accessories. I think she needs more definition. Not a crime, but she could take a small fine :)

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