Style Trial: Elizabeth Moss in short-shorts

Elizabeth Moss in short-shorts

January Jones wasn’t the only Mad Men star to walk the, er, black carpet at the Paley Centre last night: co-star Elizabeth Moss was also in attendance, wearing a pair of short, tailored shorts with a matching jacket and orange shirt.

Elizabeth has seemed to be having a little more fun with her outfits since giving her hair the chop earlier this year: what do you think of this particular look?

  1. Wow I actually hate this look! The shorts are way to short and just not a good look!

  2. Fresh make-up and hair – very good look from the waist up. As for the shorts, she’s got no legs enough to pull it off – skirt would look better.

  3. I’ve always disliked short shorts, so she gets a guilty verdict from me. Plus the entire outfit looks like she just threw it together at the last minute and her hair and makeup are seriously lacking.

  4. woof – attempted androgyny, just ended up looking like a centaur with shaved legs.

    1. And I thought, a garden gnome going gala. She is already a bit androgynous, so this is not flattering. (*I* know what I’m speaking of!)

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