Ground Zero flower vase dress

Ground Zero flower vase dress

Last summer, exaggerated tulip dresses were everywhere.

This summer? Meet the flower vase dress. Best worn with TV arial hair and Gaga-esque platforms, this is $1,284 by Moonspoon Saloon. We love looking at, we have to admit: as for wearing it, though, well, would you?

  1. Okay, the hair on this girl was bad enough, but now I’m totally thinking she’s a teletubbie wannabe. That dress is hideous!

    1. Hey, it can be hard for child stars to grow old and unattractive! Have a little pity for the old teletubbie!

  2. Have you noticed the uppers of the shoes are shaped like old-lady loafers? The teletubbies reference is spot on. The only appropriate place for this get up is on a children’s TV show.

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