2012 Fall Fashion Trends on Trial: #1 – Wine/Burgundy

2012 Fall Fashion Trends: Wine/Burgundy

[Short sleeve top / Double breasted coat, £110 / Elastic waist pants, £74 / B Brian Atwood peep toe pumps, £215 / Sally Hansen , £4.31 / Haider Ackermann Wine Red Woll Dress Susan, £485]

Last week we took a look at some of the fall fashion trends that just NEVER go out of style. This week, however, it’s time to get up to date, and start looking at some of the trends we can expect to see this autumn/winter. More importantly, it’s time to decide whether these 2012 fall fashion trends constitute incoming crimes of fashion, or whether we can sit back and let them go about their business. Well, you can never be too careful when it comes to policing the world of fashion, can you? So, let’s get to it!

2012 Fall Fashion Trends #1: Wine

The first 2012 trend we’ll be taking a look at is wine. No, not the delicious alcoholic beverage (although, you gotta admit, that would definitely make the upcoming season a little more interesting, wouldn’t it?) but the deep red shade of the same name. Wine, burgundy, call it what you will: it will everywhere this winter, and will appear of every kind of clothing imaginable, even leaking over into the world of beauty with bugundy coloured nails and lips.

Is it a crime of fashion?

We’re going to go with “no” with this one: we don’t think a colour can ever really be a crime of fashion, because whether or not it works will really come down to personal taste, individual colouring (not all skin and hair tones look good in every colour) and, of course, what kind of items it’s attached to. Wine harem pants, for instance, would almost definitely be a crime of fashion, but it wouldn’t be because of the colour…

How to wear it:

If you want to wear wine, our best advice is to choose your shade carefully. It’s a colour spectrum that ranges from dark, almost-black burgundy, to a much lighter rosé: much like the drink, all wines are not created equally, and the trick is to find the one for you and wear it accordingly. As it’s a dark shade, which can look a little gloomy if you’re not careful, you might want to think about lightening it up with some brighter accessories, or looking for burgundy that comes as part of a pattern, which will be a little less overwhelming. In terms of colours, burgundy/wine works well with other shades of red or black, with metallics like gold or silver, or even with some shades of green, although be careful with this one: we wouldn’t want you to end up looking like a Christmas tree now, would we? Oh, and if you won’t actually like it? Don’t wear it: there are no prizes for being “on trend”, remember, and it’s always better to wear what suits your taste and body than trying to be fashionable…

What do you think of wine/burgundy?


  • September 19, 2012

    Zaggora Girl

    We love burgundy! Especially for winter clothing! Do you think peplum tops & dresses will be still in fashion this coming winter?

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  • September 22, 2012


    Love burgundy. It used to be hard to find clothes in that color that I liked, but thanks to this trend there are more choices. Already bought a pair of pants 🙂

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