1. It looks like an ill made sweater that someone was too nice to throw away, even the collar looks like a sleeve

  2. No, you’re not alone, Anna. If it were possible to walk in that thing, it would make an excellent alien costume.

    1. Absolutely. And I’m convinced that I’ve already seen a muppet or something similar that looks like this…
      Anyway – HOW DO YOU GET IN THERE??? (or -more importantly- out?) Through the “hand-hole”?

      I don’t think this is meant as clothing at all. It’s art, dahlink. (And we all know better than to question art, don’t we? 😛 )

      1. Moni, I had the same feeling of familiarity, but my vague memory is of a cartoon from the 80s, maybe Heavy Metal, The Wall or Wizards. Something that only made sense if you (not you personally :-) ) were totally stoned.

  3. Is there a link to this? I looked at the Andrea Crews shop and not only could not find it, I am now blinded by the ugliness of everything else there. Eye bleach, stat!

    1. So, you don’t think it is for sale? I have a science fiction convention coming up and this would be a great costume….. 😉

  4. On the third look….maybe it is actually a very stretched out sweater…the feet are in one sleeve, the head is in another, the drink is being held in the turtleneck, the bottom is tucked under the body, and the photographer is laughing at everybody.

    1. Yeaaah…. well, when you look at the pattern of the knitting, and the seam just above the knees – yep it’s a sweater. And an ugly one at that!

    2. You are a genius! I thought there might be an opening in the back, but never saw what it really was.

  5. I would totally have this for the cold weather wile you’re at home! Seems so cozy n__n

  6. The neck hole…it reminds me of a submarine’s periscope. That, or an octopus tentacle-sucker…thing…
    Either way.
    It’s freaking creepy, and scares me a lot.
    I’m going to have nightmares.

  7. I admit it has a strange sort of appeal, but then again I have the flu, so anything warm and the least bit cozy looking has its merits at the moment.

  8. It looks like those funky multipurpose things from the Lorax books. . . . It’s a Thneed!

  9. It looks like Birdo from the Mario series to me! You know, the girly pink thing. I think it’s the mouthpiece & the colour.

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