Keira Knightley in grey and black dress at premiere of A Dangerous Method
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So, Keira Knightley has started doing that thing again. Remember that thing? Where Keira decides that her ribcage is totally her best asset, and bases her red carpet outfits around giving it the maximum exposure possible?

She did it at the premiere of Atonement:

Keira Knightley in a grey dress at the premiere of AtonementIn fact, she did it TWICE at the premiere of Atonement:

Keira Knightley i na peach dress with revealling bodiceThis latest Ribcage Dress, as we’ve come to think of this style, is much less rib-revealing┬áthan the previous two, thankfully:

Keira Knightley in a black and grey dress at the premiere of A Dangerous MethodIt does, however, seem to be becoming Keira’s “thing”: to wear dresses with bodices which drape “artfully” over the torso, looking a bit like they dressmaker ran out of fabric, and had to hastily DIY something. Should we be worried about this, do you think? Or should we be MORE worried about the fact that Keira’s head appears to be a completely different colour from the rest of her body?

Keira Knightley at the premiere of A Dangerous MethodPossibly just a trick of the light. Let’s hope so.

What do you think of Keira’s “trademark” look? Guilty or Innocent?




  1. As a red-carpet look, I don’t have a real problem with the style as a style, provided the following:

    a) It never leaves the red carpet and makes it’s way into normal, everyday, walking around town style.

    b) I’m not actually able to count her ribs. Protruding ribs are not stylish.

  2. I’m all for symmetry, so the top is fine with me. But that skirt is such a sad, awkward length. A few inches up or down would solve the problem. I like her sleek and chic styling here. It’s a different look for her, to get away from the ethereal waif thing.

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