Women’s Patriotic Clothing for the 4th of July

As some of you may know, The Fashion Police is a UK-based website, so we don’t celebrate the 4th of July. It would appear that many of our UK-based retailers DO, though, because over the past few weeks, we’ve been finding quite a few examples of Stars and Stripes patterned clothing on some of our favourite websites.

Where would you wear THIS little number, for instance?

(£75, ASOS: click here to buy it)

Even if we were planning to celebrate the 4th (And ASOS does deliver to the US now, so perhaps that’s why they’re stocking this), we can’t really imagine wanting to do it in a strapless, sequined dress, emblazoned with the stars n’ bars, can you?

Or, for that matter, in these, which we found at Topshop, where they’re selling for £34, and are sold out in UK sizes 4 and 12:

(American flag shorts, Topshop: click here to buy them)

These are getting rave reviews at the Topshop website, where they’re being declared a “must have” and a “summer essential”, so perhaps it’s just us who have an American-flag shaped hole in our wardrobes right now.

(Aside: we’re really loving Topshop’s new review function – great for helping you work out whether items are true to size, and what the fabric’s like if you’re ordering online without having seen the item in-store.)

Not to be outdone, New Look has a US flag top, which is only £9.99, although sold-out online: you may have better luck in-store, though.

(We can’t help but imagine this top worn with the shorts above it, now. Now THAT would be quite some outfit…)

Oh, and if you can’t find it in-store, don’t despair: Dorothy Perkins have an American flag shirt which is £18, and in stock. You’re welcome.

Across the pond, good ol’ Jeffrey Campbell steps up to the plate with these stars and stripes print Litas:

(Stars and Stripes Lita platforms, $144: click here to buy them)

Hey! You could wear them with the shorts and top! Please don’t, though.

If you’re willing to invest £195 / $309 in your flag fashion, meanwhile, Unconditional can supply you with this cardigan:

(Click here to buy it)

For some reason, Far Fetch is describing this is an “English flag”. England’s flag is the George’s Cross, which doesn’t have a single star to its name (or, indeed, any blue), so we’re going to assume they’re just confused with that. Either that or we are.

So, tell us, readers, what do you think of flags becoming fashion statements? Patriotic? Fun? OK if it’s your own flag, a bit weird if it’s someone else’s? And will you be wearing the Stars and Stripes on the fourth of July, or have all of these retailers started selling these items for some other reason altogether?

(Oh, and happy 4th of July, to those who celebrate it! How we wish we could join you in a day off…)


  • July 4, 2011


    You know what I found especially weird? I wasn’t sure if I was just imagining it or not but I started seeing a load of stars and stripes in fashion stores… just after the death of Bin Laden. Politics? And fashion? Not a combination I want any part of..!

  • July 4, 2011


    I did briefly consider wearing my navy dress with white stars this morning. Then I decided I’d get fed up of people asking me all day if I’d done it on purpose, and then feeling a bit silly that I had!

  • July 4, 2011

    Rachel Gray

    From a ‘Murrican friend on this 4th of July: Thank you for the “nod”! At my age (46) and with my robust figure, I find it best to stick to a dark blue Levi’s skirt (at knee not crotch), a white tee, and a red scarf. Those Campbell boots could serve as kindling for the barbeque… Give me the cute flats from Giuseppe Zanotti!

  • July 4, 2011


    I don’t get the flags on clothes trend, the only reason I’d buy one would be as a cheap souvenir if I was on holiday. If someone is gonna buy one anyway I think Independece day would be a good day for it. I would feel a bit weird wearing another country’s flag, but I’d also feel weird wearing my country’s.

  • July 4, 2011


    I wouldnt wear any of these things… its so obviously a flag combo… I have worn green on Nigeria’s independence day before but I couldnt bring myself to go the whole way and wear white and green! so there

  • July 4, 2011


    I wouldn’t go out and buy flag clothing, but if I happened to have some in my wardrobe already, I would totally be nerdy and wear it on that country’s national day. I’ve got a tunic with poppies on, and I always wear it on the 11th November, just because I can!

  • July 4, 2011


    This Virginian always wears red, white, and blue on July 4, although it’s usually just a red tee with blue shorts. When I was younger I’d put a white ribbon or scrunchy around my ponytail, but these days I count my pearl studs, which I wear 24/7 anyway, as “white.” No sense being cutesy when you’re no longer cute!

    Around here lots of people — by which I mean WOMEN, because men don’t count as people when you’re discussing fashion — wear the colors on Independence Day. But it’s mostly the under-25 set who wear actual flag patterns.
    I think it’s very tacky when it’s done with super-minis, bikinis, etc., but otherwise I guess it’s okay.

    • July 4, 2011


      I, too, am from Virginia, and I’ve noticed every year that most of the over 25 population in that area really like Old Navy USA shirts from the early 2000’s…

  • July 4, 2011


    I really hate this type of clothing. I don’t mind a small flag on something or using the colors as wardrobe inspiration, but I think this is overdoing it. Plus it’s a little disrespectful in my opinion, especially when you think of what a flag is supposed to represent. In America, there is a specific way to fold a flag, dispose of a flag, and present a flag, so what about flag clothes is okay?

  • July 4, 2011


    Well… I like the shorts and would wear them, although NOT with one of the T-shirts shown. I also like the first T-shirt, though, because it’s not that obvious. And that cardigan is absolutely rock star-like. I can totally see Steven Tyler in it.
    I’m already guilty of having worn Stars & Stripes (even though I don’t live in the USA). I knitted myself a sweater of that design when I was 16, and I still own cycling shorts that look very similar to the denim shorts above, that I bought because Axl Rose had ones like that. I even wore them back then… (Hey, it was 1991 and I was 17 :) )

  • July 6, 2011


    This year, I wore a pair of blue shorts and a top that didn’t have any red or white on it. I haven’t worn red, white, and blue since I was like 10.

  • July 6, 2011


    i think its okay to look a little cheesey for the fourth, and go all out in flag clothing or flag colors; it doesn’t need to be fashionable. i think the shorts are really cute and can see myself wearing them often, especially in the summer months. the dress is just plain tacky, though.

  • October 9, 2011


    Nothing says “trailer trash” like wearing your xenophobic patriotism!

  • February 23, 2012


    I wear the good ‘ol RED, WHITE &BLUE every day as part of my nursing uniform (scrub tops) at a VA hospital as a small token of my GREAT appreciation to our wonderful veterans! I also have many USA flag items; one piece swimsuits, tees, tanks, jackets, sweaters and damn proud to wear them too! God bless the RED, WHITE &BLUE!!!!! Guess I’m just one to be proud to be an independent American not JUST on Independence Day! Oh, and I love the Constitution, Bill of Rights and I cling to my God and guns!

  • March 4, 2012


    want to wear for a pageant, it has to be patrotic clothing

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