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Fashion Police at The 2011 MOCA Gala

As regular readers know, an angel dies every time someone wears clumpy shoes or peep toe boots on the red carpet. We know it’s unfair, but look, we don’t make the rules here, we just report them. And boy, but Rosanna Arquette has some angel blood on her hands tonight…

Rosanna Arquette in a yellow dress and peep toe bootsRosanna “Angel Killer” Arquette was appearing at the MOCA Gala (the MOCA being the Museum of Contemporary Art) in LA this weekend.We had hoped for an interesting event, fashion-wise, as some of our suspects tend to take the view that ART= EXCUSE TO DRESS STRANGELY WITH IMPUNITY, but as it turns out, there was a LOT of black, and only a few things worth writing home about. We present the evidence in the gallery below: feel free to tell us whether they’re guilty or innocent of committing crimes of fashion!



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