November, 2010

Wanted! Hybrid pencil dresses at ASOS

For reasons that aren’t particularly clear to us, our favourite (and not-so-favourite) fashion criminals have been keeping a low profile this week, which is good news in a way as the temporary cease-fire gives us more time to look at pretty dresses online. The latest brand to catch our attention is called Hybrid, and has just started to be stocked at ASOS. We’re loving the fitted pencil dresses from this collection: good for work, but also perfect for parties, and we reckon Joan Holloway would approve, too, which is always a pretty good yardstick for us: WWJD – What Would Joanie Do? (Why, she’d buy the dresses, of course! They’re around £85 each and you can click here to buy…

Topshop Exclusives faux fur sleeve boyfriend coat

Style on Trial: Topshop Exclusives faux fur sleeve boyfriend coat

At first glance we thought there were small animals protruding from the armholes of this coat.  And that scared us a little bit. Once we’d recovered and realised that those were the sleeves, we couldn’t decide whether we liked the coat or not.  We’re used to seeing faux fur on the collar of coats, not on the sleeves.  Do we want our winter coat to channel Ewok chic with furry arms?  We’re not convinced we do. What do you think though?  Will faux fur sleeves catch on as an alternative to faux fur collars?  Or are they just a bit weird? You can buy the coat for £130 here.

Biker chic gets breezy: DSQAURED2’s leather “trousers”

Call us pedantic if you will (at least two thirds of our force are fully-fledged editors, after all) but when someone says the word “trousers” to us we expect something that covers both legs, often individually, and well, usually something that grazes the ankle. Ok, with the application of the proviso “cropped”, we can forgive anything that falls below the knee. Either way, we do expect a tad more coverage that these “trousers” seem to offer. Because really, who wears leather when it’s warm enough for shorts? Or if you prefer, who wears shorts when it’s cold enough for leather? Also, what’s with the chopped off body-bag look around the hem of these babies – it really does offer the…

Tis the season to sparkle: Topshop Premium heavily embellished trousers

Everyone wants to dress to impress in the festive season, and there’s no way to make a statement quite as emphatically as adorning your lower body with sparkly sequins, right? In which case, Topshop Premium’s Heavily Embellished trousers are the answer to your party-season prayers! Of course, all those packed-out Christmas parties, made all-the-warmer by the festive dancing, can get a little too toasty for some… But if you’re concerned about overheating in such heavily embellished garments, worry not, for Topshop have the answer! Simply opt instead for their skimpier little sister, the Copper Sequined Dollar shorts! Ahhh, Topshop, you think of everything! Topshop Premium Heavily Embellished Wide Leg Trousers: £260 and Topshop Copper Sequined Dollar Shorts: £55.

Jovani Camouflage sequin mermaid prom dress

Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Camouflage and brown paper?

Yes folks, it’s prom season again with all those Christmas party and ball invitations about to come flooding in any moment.  And what are you going to wear to your special event this year?  How about this little number, which appears to be made from old army camouflage uniforms, and brown paper?  With added sequins for that holiday pizazz!   Just the thing, right?  Jovani clearly think so as this is just one of their designs that features the brown paper-like fabric, and there are more featuring prints not dissimilar to the camouflage one shown here. Sadly, this is only available to buy in stores, so bad luck if you’re not in the US.  If you are in the US and…


The Fashion Police are taking a short break, and will be back on Monday with your regularly scheduled crimes of fashion. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Stateside readers, and a happy last-week-of-November to everyone else. See you on Monday! ~ The Fashion Police x

Plastic Fantastic? Michael Kors cutaway dresses

We’ve seen more than our fair share of “cutaway” dresses this year, but we think this may be the first time we’ve seen ones where the cut-out sections are filled in with clear plastic: or what looks like it, anyway: This will obviously make navel-gazing easier than ever before, but we tend to prefer our navels NOT to be a focal point of our evening wear. It’s just a personal thing. What do you think of these? (Click here to buy them)

Identity Parade: Leggings by Sass & Bide and River Island

No prizes for guessing which is the designer item in this line-up: not only have we featured Sass & Bide’s mesh leggings here before, they’ve also been spotted on more than a few pairs of celebrity legs (and also on Cher Lloyd from the X-Factor) proving that money and stylists don’t stop people wanting to go around wearing what is essentially an expensive pair of tights. River Island’s version, however, is definitely more “legging” than “tight”, and makes the original design a little more wearable, and a lot cheaper. These are selling out fast online, so click here if you want to buy yourself a pair, and remember: they may not be a sheer fabric, but they’re still not pants.

Fashion Police at the 2010 American Music Awards

We were going to keep hold of these photos until our regular Best Dressed of the Week roundup on Friday, but it’s no use: we just can’t wait all week to find out what you think of some of these celebrity outfits. What DO you think of them? We notice a depressingly large number of “curtain dresses”, and a few people who seem to have dressed purely to mess with us. We also note that Taylor Swift seems to have been paying attention to your comments lately: we almost didn’t recognise her without the ringlets!

Alberto Guardiani lipstick shoes

Here at The Fashion Police, we love lipstick, and we love shoes. It would stand to reason, then, that we’d really love shoes with lipstick tubes as heels, wouldn’t it? Er, funny you should mention that, but no. Not even a little bit. For us, that’s one of those “never the twain should meet” kinda things. What about you, though? Want to wear your lipstick on your heels, as well as on your lips? Then just click here…

Cheap Monday narrow low waist skinny jeans

Cheap Monday jeans: For that ‘I forgot to shave my legs’ look

At first glance we thought these were hairy jeans.  On closer inspection we can see that they are, in fact, just innocent victims of the Clothes Ripper.  Fortunately they have a quilted insert to protect the model’s innocence. But our point here is this: if we thought they were hairy jeans, so will other people on the street.  And is that really something you want people thinking when they glance at your jeans?  Is it? If it is, and you feel you need these jeans in your life, you can buy them for $87 here.

Style on Trial: The Boob-Window Dress, as seen on Taylor Cole

Of late, The Fashion Police have been becoming increasingly concerned about the proliferation of what we call The Boob Window Dress – i.e. dresses which serve no other purpose other than to provide a “window” for the wearer’s breasts, leaving onlookers with the uncomfortable feeling that they’re at some really weird kind of zoo. This dress, worn by The Event’s Taylor Cole, certainly allows us to get a good look at Taylor’s mammaries in their natural habitat, and we’re sure its presence here will generate at least one comment from a male reader telling us that “if you girls only knew how much we love it when you almost completely bare your breasts in public!” (Yeah, no kidding, we’d never…

Rick Owens’ hooded leather boots go undercover

Aha! An undercover agent, sent in by Rick Owens to try and infiltrate The Fashion Police and find out all of our secrets. Sadly, however, Rick’s going to have to try harder with this: we may not have realised there was a wedge boot under there, but we couldn’t help but notice that the person wearing them would look a bit like a shire horse, albeit one with a penchant for leather, so we were able to quickly take action to uncover the criminals. Want to see what’s underneath the cloak?

Primark Winter 2010: The Collection

 Now that Zara and H&M have finally gotten their acts together and set up transactional websites, Primark is the last remaining big UK brand which doesn’t allow us to view their clothes online, forcing us to haul ass to the nearest store instead, to do battle with the crowds. We’re going to keep on hoping they get themselves an online store someday soon, but until that blessed day arrives, here’s a quick look at the current winter collection, for the benefit of those of you who don’t happen to have a nearby store to visit.