October, 2010

Best Dressed of the Week

Before we show you this week’s contender’s for the Best Dressed of the Week Award, a quick look at last week’s winner: Yes, it’s Blake Lively, as voted for by our readers! Blake walks away with the coveted Fashion Police Gold Star, but who’ll join her in the Hall of Fame from this week’s selection? Take a look at the gallery below, then cast your vote in the poll you’ll find under the jump…

Wearing your heart on your sleeve… and other such organs

Remember the ‘brain’ clothing from Comme des Garçons we shared with you earlier this month? Well, should you wish, you can now also share other exciting organs with the world. Specifically – we think – your heart and one half of your lungs. As long as your heart and lungs are seriously disfigured and somewhat misplaced, that is. Maybe it’s Halloween playing with their creative impulses, but Comme des Garçons’ current obsession with flashing impressions of your insides on your outside… Well, it really turns our stomachs. If you’ll excuse the pun. What do you think? Comme des Garçons jacket: £833.01 from Colette.

Lionella bikini top dress

Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Lionella bikini top dress

We think the title of this post tells you all you need to know about the calibre of prom dresses that Lionella sell.  Look at the poor model’s face.  We think she’s just caught sight of herself in the mirror judging by that look shock and horror.  Wait til she sees the back view:

Navel sprays and skull cupcakes: Happy Halloween!

This week, around our network: Shoeperwoman finds herself seduced by River Island’s shoe collection. Dollface wonders is a spray for belly buttons is really necessary? Realtor shows us the easy way to make skull cupcakes. Well, it IS Halloween… Grumpy weighs in on the Italian mini skirt ban . And Forever Amber is replaced by Rubinman, for a guest post.

Lanvin’s feathered dress attacked by wild animals

It’s not just a feathered dress: it’s a feathered dress that looks like it has been viciously mauled by wild animals. And actually, come to think of it, it’s not just a feathered dress that looks like it’s been viciously mauled by wild animals, either. It’s a $4,396 feathered dress that looks like… oh, fill in the rest yourselves. We’re actually starting to feel sorry for it now. It may be Daylight Robbery, but it surely didn’t deserve whatever happened to leave it in this state, did it? (Click here to view more images or buy it)

Mandy Coon Leather Bunny Bag: for the “woodland animal” trend

Rabbits are totally the new black, readers. Not only are people keen to wear them on their heads, now they’re also able to carry their prostrate forms over their shoulders, thanks to this leather bunny bag by Mandy Coon (Don’t worry, no bunnies died to make this bag: lambs did.) We guess this will certainly cause people to do a double-take as you saunter casually by with what appears to be a skinned rabbit tucked under your arm, but does that idea appeal to you at all? If it does, just click here to buy it for $619…

J Shoes Swoon ankle boot

Boots Pretending To Be Shoes: J Shoes Swoon ankle boot

Ah, that old fashion crime of a garment pretending to be something it’s not.  This time the guilty party are J Shoes who are attempting to pass off this boots as a shoe and sock combination.  Albeit with socks that are made of leather.  What we can’t understand about designs like this though, is why?  Why bother making a boot that looks like a shoe.  Surely if you wanted a teal mock crock Mary Jane you would just buy a pair of those, and put blue ankle socks with them if you so desired.  And if you wanted a boot, you would buy a boot that looks like a boot.  Not a boot that looks like a shoe. Or would…

Real Life Fashion Police: Italian Town Bans “Very Short” Skirts and “Too Much” Cleavage

While the pronouncements of The Fashion Police on this site are intended purely for the purposes of entertainment (i.e. we may laugh at outrageous items of clothing, but we ultimately think people should wear whatever they like, within the bounds of decency), every so often our real life counterparts like to pop up and ban a particular item of clothing, and that’s what seems to have happened this week in the Italian town of Castellammare di Stabia, where women have been banned from wearing “very short” items of clothing or anything displaying “too much” cleavage. Under the new rule, women who flout these rules, which Mayor Luigi Bobbio says have been introduced to combat falling levels of decency, will be…

Serious Spikes: Barbara Gongini’s spiked pumps

Spiked shoes have been big lately. Not quite as big as these ones, mind you. In fact, we think these may be some of the biggest spikes we’ve ever seen on an item of clothing, and if they weren’t made of rubber, they’d probably qualify as lethal weapons. More images under the jump…

Lionella metallic Budweiser tube dress

Budweiser dress: a creative Halloween costume?

So it’s Halloween, and you need a costume.  Something original, something no one else will be dressed as.  Well we can bet no one else will show up to the party dressed as a can of beer.  Yep, you will be the only one. The thing about this dress though?  It’s not a fancy dress costume.  It’s not even from a costume store.  Nope, Lionella are selling this as club wear.  You would be sure to turn a few heads in this if you went out clubbing in it anytime other than Halloween, we can guarantee. What do you think though?  Acceptable club wear or for use as a Halloween costume only?  (And if you want to try it out,…

Cross-breed clothing: Proenza Schouler skirt

Is it a skirt? Is it a jacket? No, it’s… well, actually it is a skirt, or so Proenza Schouler would have us believe. And, if you’re planning on playing out the yeti look this winter, this may be the ideal investment piece. Perhaps not the most versatile of items, but, errrm, looks like it would at least keep your thighs warm… Nope, we really can’t find anything good to say about this one. But maybe you can? If so, do let us know. Proenza Schouler skirt, £2098.46 from Colette

Style on Trial: Ksubi Super Spray Top Deck Jeans

  The “I’ve been wading up to my thighs in mud all morning!” look. It’s, like, SO HOT right now. Or maybe not. Hot or not, hot or not: who’s to say? Well, d’uh! We’re to say, obviously. Or rather, YOU are. We’re making you the jury on this one readers, so cast your votes in the comments box: are these Ksubi jeans hot, or are they not? (Click here to buy them)