Ever found yourself wondering whether the length of your skirt is sending out the right signals? Well, now you can work out EXACTLY what kind of signal you’re sending, with the help of these opaque tights, which provide a handy chart to allow you to measure your skirt length and find out what it says about you.

The sliding scale starts at “demure” and goes all the way to “fatal” with the stages in between being (in Spanish) discrete, subtle, flirtatious, sensual, moody, seductive, provocative, bold, shameless and “warrior”.

Which one are you? You’ll have to buy them (from here) to find out. Would you wear them, though?


    • Along those lines, who would wear one of the “fatal” lengths? Where do you find a skirt that short, and why would you wear tights with it if you owned it? I wonder what the average bathing suit is on these. Actually, a pair of board shorts would probably be demure on the scale.

  1. It wold be fun to give them as a present to someone who likes to weak really short skirts o dresses! LOL Like this chick here.. http://www.slusham.com/andrea-i-kosti-peyat-na-grandiozen-konts.html
    ….. Not to mention that the dress itself is awful and looks terribly cheap.

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