June, 2010

The Emperor’s New Vein Embroidered Tube Top, by Dsquared

Just in case you’re offended by the sight of naked breasts (or are at work) we’ve covered up this model’s nipples for you, and if you particularly want to stare at her breasts, you’ll have to do it over at Luisa Via Roma. If, on the other hand, you’re offended by $320 tops that are completely transparent, save for a “look, here are my veins” design, well, there’s not a whole lot we can about that, other than to reassure you that this top, by Dsquared, is at least not supposed to be worn without anything over the top of it, but more like this: So, what do you think? We’re happy to know we won’t have to arrest it…

Designer Vs High Street: Polka dot dresses by Giambattista Valli & Oasis

Our Fraud Squad officers took a long, hard look at these two dresses, but ultimately decided there were just enough differences between them to keep Oasis on the right side of the law. With that said, there are a lot of similarities between them, too. Giambattista Valli’s polka dot dress was a Dress of the Day back in February, and comes with a waist belt and ruffled sleeves. Oasis’s ruffle spot print dress, meanwhile, is new for Spring/Summer 2010, and comes with… a waist belt and ruffled sleeves. Lots of similarities, then, a few points of difference, and, overall, a great, designer-inspired bargain for anyone who loved this style. Which do you prefer?

Spotted! Maggie Gyllenhaal wears Yves Saint Laurent to fragrance launch

Maggie Gyllenhaal wore a pink strapless Yves Saint Laurent dress to the launch of Belle D’Opium, by the same designer. This seems like one of those perfect summer dresses that can be worn to both casual and dressier occasions, and it suits Gyllenhaal well. The sweetheart neckline and gathered fabric create a really flattering line. While we hear the perfume is a bit overbearing, this dress is chic and subtle. What do you think?

Kristen Stewart at Letterman

Kristen Stewart gets a new look (or a new hair style at least)

Kristen Stewart turned up at Letterman last night looking a little lighter than usual – we refer to her hair colour, of course, not her figure. Kristen is still working the one-shouldered look she wore to the Twilight Eclipse premiere this week, but this time the dress is black, rather than white. We think the hair really suits her: in fact, the characteristic super-short dress and high heels were the only clue that this was the same person at first glance. What do you think of Kristen’s new look?

What to Wear With a Denim Mini Skirt: the results!

Lauren’s outfit It’s time to look at the results of our last Style Challenge, and find out the many different ways in which you chose to answer the question, “What would you wear with a denim mini skirt?” We’re taking a slightly different approach to the results this week, and have put them all on the same page, so you can totally immerse yourselves in denim skirts, and tell us which look is your favourite. You’ll find the rest of the entries underneath the jump. Thanks to everyone who took part!

Red Valentino joins the circus: Knickerbocker lace leggings

Have you ever wondered to yourself what would happen if the trend for all things circus and burlesque had a love child with a Harajuku girl? No? Really? That is a shame – because we think we may have the answer right here. Red Valentino’s knickerbocker lace leggings manage to look alluringly retro and super kawaii while simultaneously exuding an air of the ridiculous. I mean, sure, they’re kinda cute – but can you see yourself wearing them out in public? Or, if you did, could you not create the same effect with a cheaper pair of lace leggings and a pair of retro frilled knickers? For considerably less than £230? If you do require your clothes to be stuck…

Crime of Fashion? Boohoo military camouflage print dungarees with army badges

We know.  We know.  Camouflage.  Dungarees.  Complete with army badges.  Of course these are now being held in Fashion Police jail.  Well we couldn’t very well let them roam the streets, committing their fashion crimes now, could we?  Whilst we don’t object to a bit of camouflage print (or ‘camoflauge’ as Boohoo have misspelt it) on perhaps some cargo pants, we draw the line at camouflage dungarees.  In fact, we draw the line at pretty much any dungarees, as they tend to fall into the category of dressing like a toddler, and you know how we feel about that readers. Mercifully, Boohoo have had the good sense to see that these are a crime of fashion and have priced them…

Top Picks from the Christian Louboutin Winter 2010-2011 Collection

Christian Louboutin’s Winter 2010-2011 has hit the Web and we’re a bit smitten, as usual. The heels are super high and, no surprise for the holiday season, there’s no shortage of glitter and glamour. These are a few of our favorites but you can see the entire collection at the Christian Louboutin official website. While we’re clearly partial to the stilettos there are some kitten heels and thicker heels in the group, as well as a good selection of booties and lots of buckle details. Which styles are your favorite? Any you’d put behind bars?

Bordelle: taking the underwear as outerwear trend too far

This is not lingerie. This is a “dress”. A £595 / $888 “dress”. Expensive way to get arrested: and not necessarily only by The Fashion Police, either… Where should the line between “underwear” and “outerwear” be drawn, do you think? Because lately that line seems to be an invisible one for some designers, and, well, not to put too fine a point on it, we can think of a lot of people we’d rather NOT see in their undies. What do you think? Do you want to see sights like this out in public? (Um, male readers don’t have to answer that…)

Florence Welch Glastonbury

Fashion Police at Glastonbury Music Festival

Never have so many pairs of Wellington boots been worn in one weekend. Actually, shorts and boots has become an unofficial Glastonbury “uniform” (the mud makes it a sensible outfit choice), so there were no real fashion surprises at the music festival this weekend. In fact, the only question was, WHICH shorts, and WHICH boots would the celebrity festival goers wear, and how would they choose to style them? Kate Moss, for instance, thought laddered fishnets would be a good idea. Was she right? Take a look at our gallery to find out!

Style on Trial: Jonathan Saunders spark studded T-shirt dress

We’re a little bit confused by the nature of this dress. On the one hand, t-shirt dresses are effortless to wear, look great over leggings, are cool in the summer – laden with plus points. On the other, there’s something about this particular offering that looks like the kind of thing old ladies might wear on their summer vacation, perhaps with a visor, in an attempt to look youthful.  Hence the confusion. But we think the real kicker might be the pattern. Graphic shapes have been steadily growing in popularity lately. But this one, well, it’s just a little odd. Maybe it’s the colours. Maybe it’s the quadrilaterals. Ok, we’ll stop skirting the issue. We can’t be the only ones…

Guess the Designer Shoes: Black studded court shoes

Happy Monday, everyone! Are you all feeling bright eyed and bushy-tailed, and ready to tackle the week head on? Let’s put that to the test with a little quiz to sharpen your brains: Above, you will see two shoes. One is a designer shoe, retailing for over £500. The other costs £40. Which do you think is which? Tell us in the comments and we’ll come back later and let you know if you were right. Which is the designer shoe? EDIT: the answer is now under the jump!

Style Challenge: What to Wear With a Denim Skirt?

It’s been a long time since our last Style Challenge, so we thought we’d ease you back into things with a (fairly) easy one: the denim mini skirt! Denim skirts are one of those items which never really disappear from the stores, or from some people’s wardrobes, but they’re far from universally loved either, and, once you’re past your teens, can be a little tricky to incorporate into an outfit. How would you do it, whether teens, twenties, thirties or above? The skirt above is from Miss Selfridge, and we challenge you to use Polyvore to build an outfit around it, and post the link in the comments section below, as inspiration to us all! You’ll find the rules below…