April, 2010

Wanted: Kate Spade New York ‘All Wrapped Up’ bow cuff and pendant

You wouldn’t mind if The Fashion Police pulled out the cuffs if they were this adorable, would you? The Kate Spade New York All Wrapped Up Cuff, $175 is small enough (1.5″) to be delicate but bold enough to be a statement piece in your outfit. It might not be a good idea to wear it with the matching Bow Pendant, $95, but each piece on its own is pretty darn cute. Do you think it’s too twee? What would you wear each piece with?

Style on Trial: Limited Collection pure cotton distressed jeans

Now, the Fashion Police have accepted that distressed denim is making something of a come-back. In the grand scale of holey clothes, ripped jeans are somewhat lesser offenders, not to mention old-timers in the style-crime scene. And while the distressed look is not to everyone’s taste, it is not the rips and tears that particularly offend here. Ok, we’ll just come straight out with it. These are Mom jeans! The waistband, the blousy thighs – there can be nothing flattering about this style. And lookit – even on the model these look like something your Mum customised for you during your Bros phase in the 80s! We know that Marks and Spencer are particularly popular with Mothers everywhere, but their…

Fashion Crime? Lime tie-dye stretch cotton trousers by TallandAll.com

We are fully aware that the words ‘lime’ and ‘tie-dye’ should never be allowed to exist in conjunction with one another and so we were suitably distressed to come across these trousers during an innocent browse through the Tall and All website.  Being tall ourselves we know how difficult it can be to find stylish clothing to fit – a task not made any easier when dedicated tall retailers insist on producing items such as this.  A quick glance at what else the site has to offer makes us sure that this will not be the first time they are put under Fashion Police arrest for crimes against fashion. Bail is set at £35/$52 if you want to buy these…

Ask The Fashion Police: Are stockings with sandals a crime of fashion?

From our Formspring page: Q. Is it acceptable to wear stockings with the seam line when wearing open toe shoes (or even peep toe for that matter) if you can’t find seamless stockings? Or should I risk letting my legs look pale and not so perfect? A. We get this question fairly often, so let’s address it once and for all… Although we call ourselves The Fashion Police, you might be surprised to know that in “real” life there are actually very few things that we’d consider an absolute “no”. Sheer stocking with sandals, however, is one of those things: particularly if the stockings in question are flesh-coloured, and the toe seam is highly visible.  Toe seams aren’t designed to…

Sophie Ellis-Bextor the Samsung 3D Television Party Fashion Police

Sophie Ellis-Bextor wears white ankle socks to the Samsung 3D Television Party

Cute or childish? When we last broached the issue of whether adults can get away with ankle socks, many of you felt that while it’s OK if you happen to be Rihanna (as are so many things in life!), this is ultimately a look that’s only for the very, very young. Like, toddlers, say (although maybe not with heels). Here’s 31-year-old Sophie Ellis-Bextor, however, flying in the face of that piece of fashion advice, and proudly wearing her white ankle socks and (rather scuffed) white shoes to the Samsung 3D Television Party in London this week. We love her dress, cardigan and bag here… but we do think this cute little outfit would have been even cuter if it didn’t…

Pixie Lott for Lipsy available now: what do you think?

British singer Pixie Lott became the latest celebrity to turn fashion designer when her new collection for high street chain Lipsy launched this week. The collection falls into two categories: festival and party, so you’ll find a mix of mini and maxi dresses, plus some basic tanks, and even a pair of lace hot-pants. Prices start at £25 for the hotpants, and go up to £75 for one of the dresses, with a whole range of price points in between. You can view the full collection at the Lipsy website, and we’ve provided a selection of the pieces available in the gallery below. What do you think? Are you tired of celebrity “designers”, or is this one you don’t want to…

Style on trial: Christopher Kane Freja embroidered dress

The Fashion Police’s opinion on sheer clothing is well-documented. Shresses, sheggings, shants – you name them, we’ve put them on trial. This dress may not really fall into the shress category, having all the really vital body parts essentially covered, but it is still distinctly suspect. The Fashion Police feel that this particular number is best suited to its rightful place under the lime lights; whether on an ice rink or ballroom floor is open to interpretation. Because, however graceful and talented, neither figure skaters nor ballroom dancers are particularly highly-praised for their sartorial choices. “Costume” is never a good look down the pub on a Friday night… Neither is it a good look for a wedding guest, as this…

Jennifer Lopez premiere of The Back Up Plan

Fashion Police at the London premiere of The Back Up Plan: Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Katona and more

Sometimes it’s hard not to cringe when looking at the red carpet shots from a UK premiere. Not to put too fine a point on it, but for reasons that continue to elude us, a lot of British “celebrities” just don’t seem to have quite grasped that they’re attending a movie premiere here. Instead, they’ve ended up looking like they’re headed to a cheap nightclub in Essex. This is perhaps why Jennifer Lopez looks a little bit… lost here. “Where the hell am I?” she’s thinking. “Why are some of these girls undressed? And what’s this thing balanced on the top of my head?” Can we talk about J. Lo, briefly? She’s been wowing us on the promotional tour for…

Melissa George attends the 2nd Annual Bent on Learning Benefit

Melissa George wears a hat to the 2nd Annual Bent on Learning Benefit

Bad hair day, Melissa George? This would certainly be one way to solve it, but somehow we think this is more style-statement than anything else. Or perhaps she just had really cold ears? It’s fairly unusual to see hats worn to formal events these days, so what do you think of this look from Melissa? Would you like to see more headgear on the red carpets of the world?

Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Backless Animal Print

Granted, this  isn’t quite as bad as some animal print prom dresses we’ve featured. We’ve seen worse, haven’t we? Even so, we’re starting to think it’s time The Fashion Police producted some kind of Statute on the Acceptable Use of Animal Print. The first point could be: NOT ON A PROM DRESS, for the love of Gaga, no! What do you think, readers? Would you wear this to prom? If you would, you can head over here and buy it.