February, 2010

Anne Hathaway at the London premiere of Alice in Wonderland

Fashion Police at the Alice & Wonderland London premiere

Over the past few weeks, The Fashion Police’s inbox has been filled to the brim with press releases on Alice in Wonderland-inspired fashion, which makes us think the film, which had its London premiere last night, is as hotly anticipated by the fashion world as it is by the movie-going public. Did the Alice In Wonderland theme make it into the outfits of the celebrities who attended the premiere, though? Take a look at the gallery below to find out!

Gemini 1 shoes by Acne: Two heels are better than one

Why settle for one heel on your shoes when you can have two? And yes, we know the image above shows three heels, but the shoes actually only come with two: the middle heel, which is the one you walk on, and another, detachable heel, which can be attached in either of the other two positions shown. So, what do you think? Have you been secretly wishing designers would ditch the boring old “one heel per shoe” strategy they’ve worked with all these long years, or do you think these just look like mutants? They’re by Acne, and they’re £570 – get them here.

Cheap Monday’s Duct Tape Top: no need for Nippits!

On the plus side, you’d never have to worry about wearing tit tape with this top, because, well, it comes already attached. On the minus side, however…. actually, it’s basically just ALL a minus side, isn’t it? And OK, we guess you could always wear something underneath it, to make it a little more modest, but as that would defeat the whole purpose of the “Hey, look, I’m wearing nothing but duct tape over my nipples!” nature of this top, we’re not sure it’s what Cheap Monday intended. Like it? It’s $50 at Karmaloop.

Handbag of the Week: Dot print ‘Wanda’ bag by Lulu Guinness

It’s starting to feel a lot like Springtime… or at least it would be if it would just stop snowing, even for a few minutes. This little Lulu Guinness handbag, however, is decidedly Spring-like, combining two things that always start to turn up as the weather grows warmer: dots and bows! That’s a winning combination for us, and this bag is also a little bigger than it looks in the image, so while it would come in handy for special occasions, it wouldn’t have to be relegated to the back of the closet the rest of the time either. It’s £195 from My-Wardrobe.

Something for the Weekend: Topshop, towels and Formspring

Shoeperwoman probably wouldn’t wear Topshop’s new ‘Ashish’ wedges. Would you? Dollface discovers the cutest product packaging ever. Realtor finds that even towels can be stylish. The Grumpy Old Bloggers don’t think John Lennon would advertise Citroen: do you? And Forever Amber answers reader’s questions from Formspring.

Jean-Paul Gaultier jumps aboard the “Mullet Skirt” bandwagon

It’s a mini skirt! But it’s also a maxi skirt! For those days when you just can’t make up your mind! Of course, it’s ALSO a “mullet skirt”. And a crime of fashion. (Which begs the question: what no peep toe boots?) If neither of those points bother you, though, it’s £558 and you can buy it at Louisa Via Roma. What do you think?

Henry Holland’s unique solution to the see-through dress

We’ve actually shown you this House of Holland dress before, on the catwalk last year, but it was one of those things we looked at and thought, “Yeah, what happens on the runway stays on the runway – there’s just no way that’ll actually go into production.” Just goes to show what WE know, eh? This is now available to buy at Colette, where it will set you back $644 / £418. We’d like to think that those who DO decide to buy it will at least wear something underneath it, to stop it looking quite so much like a chopped-up shress, but of course, there’s a big difference between what we’d LIKE to happen and what actually DOES happen in…

Tao’s white shoes netted by Fashion Police

Oh, what a relief! We thought we were going to have to mobilize our officers and send them out to catch these shoe criminals, but it looks like someone’s done it for them, and has captured them in a net, ready for us to cart off to jail. Unless… wait: that net is part of the shoe, isn’t it? Ah. Our mistake. Looks like we’re going to be needing those officers after all… [Product Page]

ASDA plead “innocent” to allegations of stuck-together-clothes

Remember last year, when Rock Hyrax made a Citizen’s Arrest at Asda, who were discovered to be selling stuck-together-clothes? Well, this week she’s sent in this second image which proves that they have mended their ways and are no longer indulging in the nefarious practice of sewing innocent items of clothing together. Look! TWO PIECES! Two! And for £12! Now, isn’t that a much better idea than one item that just looks like two? We think so, although we’re amused to note that the Stuck Together Movement has obviously gained such a strong foothold in the world of retail that Asda felt the need to point out that these were, in fact, NOT joined at the hip. Or at the…

Fashion Crime: Alexander Wang’s drop crotch ponte pants

Dropped crotches look so much worse on semi-structured pants, don’t they? Take these ones by Alexander Wang, for instance. They don’t look “edgy” or “unexpected” or “on trend”, or whichever fashion buzzword you want to use. They just make the model look like she needs to find a bathroom: and fast! We’re now starting to wonder if the Peep Toe Boot Rule we identified earlier this month is, in fact, a Shopbop-specific rule, and Shopbop have just decided to put ALL of their models in peep toe boots, ALL the time. It’s really starting to look that way.

Kate Hudson arrives at Burberry

Kate Hudson arrives at the Burberry show in a green sequined mini dress

This is the kind of thing we mean when we talk about the difference a dose of confidence can make to your clothes. This dress is so short it could actually qualify as a top, and we really hope she didn’t try to bend down in it, but there’s no doubt that Kate Hudson absolutely owns this look, and seems to be defying anyone not to like it on her. Do you like it on her, though? Tell us!

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova in a bright red mini dress at The Love Ball

Just in case you were wondering who was wearing that dramatically shaped red dress in the background of our Joely Richardson photo earlier today, it was Russian model Natalia Vodianova, who paired the dress with uncomfortable-looking Louis Vuitton shoes and a fringed handbag. It’s an eye-catching look, for sure, but is it a good one?

Joely Richardson at the Love Ball

Joely Richardson in a pale satin dress at The Love Ball

Joely Richardson looked pale and interesting at The Love Ball last night: we weren’t sure how we felt about the “cape” effect on the shoulders of this dress at first, but the more we look at it, the more we like it, and the slightly vintage feel it brings to the design. Lovely colour too. Your thoughts?

Leona Lewis at The Love Ball

Leona Lewis in a one-shouldered gown at The Love Ball

Like Kristen Stewart, Leona Lewis is a celebrity who never really seems to look comfortable in front of the cameras, and it’s a shame, because it means that no matter what she’s wearing, or how good she looks in it, it never quite works. Possibly a lesson to us all to always choose clothes that make us feel good over the ones that just look good. Wit that said, Leona (or her stylist) has definitely been trying her hardest to make some more interesting choices lately, and we loved what she wore to the Elle Style Awards earlier this week. This dress, however, looks like a space-age 80s bridesmaid’s dress, and we’re really not keen on the colour, so it…