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Grey Antics Mrs. Klaus Sweater suggests Santa is a pervert


You may have to look closely at the evidence before you, jurors, to see the problem with it. From the image on the left, we at first thought this cardigan had a kind of stylised heart design, but a quick look at the image on the right confirms that, no, that’s not the case: those are hands. Santa’s hands, to be precise. So this is basically a festive version of those “Hey, look! Someone has their hands on my breasts!” shirts you sometimes see.

This item was reported by Fashion Police reader Georgette, whose commentary was too funny not to share with you. Georgette says: “Wouldn’t you just LOVE to look like naughty old Santa has come up from behind you and taken a grab at your jumblies? No? I wouldn’t either. It’s called the “Mrs. Klaus” sweater. Because the very first thing that comes into my mind when I think Christmas spirit is how much Santa gets it on. Yeah.”

Well, exactly. Now we’re going to need brain bleach rather than eye bleach. If you just need the sweater, though, it’s $78 at Urban Outfitters.

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