Style on Trial: Paul’s Boutique’s pink Barbie tribute handbag


This year, Paul’s Boutique loves Barbie, and to prove it, they’ve brought out a selection of handbags to celebrate the iconic doll’s 50th anniversary. This is one of them: it’s £80 at ASOS, and, as you can see, it’s pink enough to satisfy even the most dedicated of Barbie lovers. We reckon little girls will love it, but, of course, it’s not aimed at little girls, is it? (For one thing, we can’t imagine there are too many 8-year-olds wandering around just itching to spend £80 on a handbag). No, this is presumably aimed at the adults amongst us, and this is why it confuses us: don’t get us wrong, The Fashion Police loved Barbie as much as the next kid, but that was when we were kids. These days we just can’t imagine carrying something that looks like it came free with Fashion Criminal Barbie to work, play or anywhere else.

But of course, we wouldn’t really describe ourselves as Barbie fans, and maybe we’re just missing the whole, ironic point of this handbag. We ask you then: what do you think of it? Would you buy it?

Paul’s Boutique Loves Barbie pink padlock bag, £80


  • September 1, 2009


    Well, I wouldn’t buy this one, it’s really too much of pink, but there is also a black version, which I like a lot. Not enough to spend 80 pounds though (I got a german typepad and don’t how to make the sign for pound..) When I was 10 years old, I would have LOVED the pink one of course :)

  • September 1, 2009


    I wouldn’t.Loungefly did the same with hello kitty ans that turned out very good.

    Look :

  • September 2, 2009


    Personally I love it, It’s kind of Juicy Couture or Betsey Johnson-esque…But I wouldn’t pay that much for it, and it’s not really something that i’d wear too often.

  • September 2, 2009


    This bag is likely to be very popular in Japan. There seems to be a thing over there for children’s characters being popular with adults too .. ie. Hello Kitty etc.

  • September 2, 2009


    I can actually imagine a number of people who might be spotted carrying one of these. I will never be one of them, however. I was much more a PJ fan.

    I do want to know what those black and white striped things to either side of the Barbie heart are, however.


    • November 1, 2009


      they are shadows of the barbies face

  • September 2, 2009


    It was a little hard for me to figure it out at the beginning, but then I realized it’s Barbie’s profile. It’s being used quite a lot by the brand, as you can see here:

  • September 2, 2009


    I’d use if it didn’t have all the crazy embellishments on it.

  • September 2, 2009


    I love it!! Happy Birthday Barbie!

  • September 8, 2009



  • November 9, 2009


    its very creative and glamorous! not for the meek and subtle but def for the eccentric and fun !