Whether you call it "dogtooth" or "houndstooth", you can expect to see a fair bit of the distinctive black and white check this winter, because it's back in fashion with a vengeance. Yes, AGAIN.

Alexander McQueen is leading the field as far as designers go – in fact, much of his latest collection looks like an explosion in a houndstooth factory – but the high street, as ever, isn't far behind. The picture above shows just a few of the UK's dog./houndstooth offerings, while you'll find some US picks under the jump. This pattern is one that crops up a lot during the colder seasons, and  while obviously we wouldn't expect anyone many people to wear it head to toe, we're keen to know what you think of the look in general, so feel free to leave us a comment!

1. Preen 'Poppet' cutout dress, £830, Net-a-Porter; 2. dogtooth and bow stilettos, £20, New Look; 3. black/white mixed print dress, £32, Dorothy Perkins; 4. Dogtooth cardigan, £45, Oasis, 5. black dogtooth shopper, £10, Peacocks;  6. Alexander McQueen dogtooth folded jacket, £2,617, 7. Net-a-Porter; dogtooth briefs, £4, 8. New Look


1. Pleated houdstooth coat, $82, Fredflare; houndstooth high tops, $16, Wet Seal; houndstooth bow ballet flats, $45, Gap; Houndstooth pencil skirt by EC Star, $69, Plasticland; Houndstooth sunglasses, $5.99, Charlotte Russe; Ain't nothin buy a houndstooth scarf, $15.99, Modcloth; Preen  houndstooth latyered skirt, $795,Net-a-Porter


  1. I quite like it on shoes, coats and skirts as long as the rest of the outfit is kept simple but come on, houndstooth AGAIN!!?

  2. that dorothy perkins dress is disgusting :S
    but then maybe i’m biased, cause i can’t stand houndstooth in general.

  3. I love me some houndstooth. Although it says something about me that I immediately go ‘ooooh’ not at the cheapo stuff, but at the v expensive McQueen jacket and the beautiful Preen skirt.

  4. Well, I’m not a fan, but I must say you’ve chosen a few really lovely examples here. I adore the shoes, bag and dress no 1 from the first picture.

  5. I really don’t like either of the dresses. Or the skirt with the insanely enlarged print. Other than that, I like houndstooth pieces. But just one at a time please.

  6. I guess I’m in the minority, then. I despise houndstooth. Maybe it’s from all those years working in a kitchen…

  7. Well, that’s good news / bad news for me..
    The good news is I can put my retro-fab houndstooth pencil skirt & sleek wrap skirt back into rotation.
    The bad news is that I have yet another reason to spend $$$ on this v. flattering Diane von Furstenberg dress spotted in a shop window ages ago:
    *SIGH* Oh well, there are worse fates. Houndstooth harem pants anyone? –Shudder–

  8. I HATE this pattern. The malls were filled with trench coats like this a few years ago. Please don’t bring it back!

  9. I don’t really like this print. To me, it only looks nice on the coat and the flats, but I’d still never wear it myself.

  10. Oh, Heather! houndstooth harem pants, I nearly wet myself laughing. And I daresay that some whacked out designer is going to try it.

  11. Hi Nahla,
    Thanks for the props. Although I must say, I’m a little frightened by the whole idea. I think you’re quite right that someone… somewhere… will try it. Good thing the fashion police are here :}
    Keep safe & sane out there fellow citizens. Just say “NO” to offenders like plaid or patterned (or almost any kind) harem pants!

  12. I love it, I think it looks very smart as well and can wear with bright shoes and jacket, I just brought a bag in primark and I think it’s gonna be big, I keep looking at summer clothes but must start think about next season.

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