Teenager makes prom dress out of coffee filters


You have to admit, this is pretty creative, no?

Aimee Kick from Missouri, US, spent a month creating this dress, which is made completely from coffee filters, for her senior prom at Francis Howell North High School. The 18-year-old aspiring fashion designer spends a lot of time at coffee shops and has become known locally as the “the girl with a coffee cup”. Although presumably now she’ll be known as “the girl in the coffee dress“.

It ended up a whole lot nicer than some prom dresses we’ve seen, too. Two more photos under the jump…



  1. Gosh… apart from the horrendous dress.. What was the photoshoot producer thinking?? The model, her hair, the dress, the location, they’re all the same color! I almost got blind when I first looked at it.

  2. I, for one, think this is fabulous. Very creative, and a pretty cute turnout, too. I wish her luck if she decides to pursue fashion!! And way to be a “green recessionista” too. How trendy of her. 😉

  3. Hm. I think it’s a gorgeous picture, a’la Sophia Coppolla. The greens are soft, vibrant and delicate, the lighting is hazy and sunny, and nothing is too precious because the girl clearly has a little edge. It’s soft and youthful. Her face looks amazing! Very victorian Gibson Girl. The dress…a little gimmicky, but she’s a teenager and can get away with it, and she probably most definitely had the best dress at the prom. It’s couture!

  4. how cute and creative :)
    she reminds me of my friend who made a halloween dress, hat, bag and shoe covers from cigarette packages when we were teens (it was the early 90s…don’t hate, things were less “P.C” then)

  5. I like the top, i think it should have a different bottom maybe? Or be longer? I know this is ridiculous, but a diff color would look better (but coffee filters are obvi all beige)

  6. I kinda think it doesn’t matter what we think of the style of the dress – she obviously wanted that style and its prom – nobody looks back at their prom dress with amazing pride 20 years later!
    I think the amazing thing is she designed something unusual and individual using a different medium – good for her. She’s young and I’d love to see what she’s designing in 5 years!

  7. Yes, I’d want to encourage her out loud as a response to her narky creativity and boldness, but privately I’d be thinking “Christ! That’ll be falling apart within 5 minutes of being on the dancefloor.”
    The FEEL of it, urgh. Displays some great pin & tucking skills though.

  8. If this were me, I’d rather be known as “the coffee cup girl” for a characteristic other than wearing a coffee bean necklace.

  9. Though the color is clearly not her best, you’ve got to applaud her creativity. It reminds me of that other teenager who created her prom dress out of Starburst wrappers.

  10. I love it! Looks like she put a lot of work into it and props to her for making it out of something she loves :)

  11. I am in love with the top part of the dress, but I’m not digging the skirt… kudos on the creativity, though!

  12. I know the middle, whiter folded bit under the waist serves some purpose (I hope) but for me, it ruins the whole… layered/lace type feel.

  13. I think someone did a similar thing on Project Runway once, the challenge was to make an outfit out of stuff from their apartments, and one of the guys made a dress out of coffee filters.

  14. A different colour would compliment her skin tone instead of competing against it like it is now. Or, she should dye her hair and get a tan.

  15. Beside it being a bit on the unflattering side I think it’s adorable. Must have saved her a fortune, too. And yeah, she’ll smell like coffee, mmm.

  16. For those saying that the model should change, or dye the dress…come on! It’s made out of coffee filters. How many colors do they come in, and should she really go through the trouble of dying them to please others to complement her skin tone? The creativity is amazing, though I’m thinking the skirt could fan out a bit more, I love it. The second picture reminds me of those Betsey Johnson tea party dresses! ^__^

  17. I really think the monochrome look was what she was going for. I’m sure she’s aware that the dress and her skin and her hair are all the pretty much the same. The necklace is what saves it, it makes the whole palette work.

  18. This makes me think of the high school art assignment I had called ‘wearable art.’ Basically we had to make something wearable out of a unconvential medium. I made a dress from bubble wrap. My friend made lingerie out of condoms, I can’t remember the rest. So yeah, the concept isn’t all that original but this is beautifully executed!

  19. I don’t understand how anyone can not like that colour on her. It makes her so delicate and creamy and ethereal. Beautiful. She rocks!

  20. I hate to mention this, but these pictures were CLEARLY Photoshopped. I can say with conviction that each of them has been resized and cropped. I am wondering what happens if the dress gets wet or heaven forbid, she gets her period. Likewise I think the color clashes with her skin. Why didn’t she simply use “used” coffee filters. This would have been much more representative of a truly Green and recycling mentality.

  21. Pariah – well, um, yeah, all photos from agencies have to be re-sized to go onto this site, because the files we get are so huge they would take forever to load if I just left them at the size they’re taken – they’re print quality, so they wouldn’t even fit on the screen if I didn’t crop them. And the bottom photo was also cropped to show the detail of the dress. Resizing and cropping doesn’t change the appearance of the image in any way, though, only the size or shape of it, so I don’t really know what kind of point you’re trying to make.

  22. Very nice
    Very creative
    Even the necklace is mad of coffee beans
    If this young lady is aiming for the fashion industry – she is already showing enough creativity in it
    Good luck and keep it up

  23. To the first commenter: There was no “model.” That is Aimee. She also didn’t hire a photographer. The location would be her own home.
    Give her a break.

  24. a friend in my high school did this, only so much better
    she made one with buitter warppers too, and a whole class used recycled things

  25. She should be punished for her free thinking. Her dress is shocking and horrible because it’s not identical to anyone elses. It’s terrifying that there are people who fall prey to enacting their ideas. I dunno, it’s like succumbing to a virus. How can you really feel in control if you give in to creative ideas? I am glad that I have a little button that force-feeds me random websites about other people’s creations, else I would have to search ardently for other’s passions to dump all over.

  26. wow….this is truly fantastic…I did not even notice the necklace until I read a comment on it..fantastic creativity!
    and anyone who makes comments like “that color looks bad at her” needs to not do that…that’s just..well, rude…look at the dress! wether you like it or not, it is AMAZINGLY creative and obviously took alot of hard work and skill to pull off…BRAVO!!!

  27. Cudos to anyone who applauded her because seriously, how many of you could actually think of making a dress out of something so creative, let alone actually MAKE a workable dress that fits so well. So what if the style isn’t the greatest you’ve ever seen, or if it’s going to fall apart, she made an effin dress out of coffee filters with a complementing coffee bean necklace! It’s amazing! I’m also excited to see what this chick comes up with in the near future, she’ll probably go far.

  28. 8 years ago I would have died for this girl.
    great idea, super cute hair! amazing things come from the most unexpected places. i think she is more motivated than most of the artist i know. who ever she is, stay out of NYC and go to Chicago; where people will care about what you have done rather what you do(drugs)

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