We probably wouldn't have given Marion Cotillard's outfit a second glance here, until we took a closer look and realised the French actress had paired her demure little skirt suit with a pair of Christian Dior's Goddess heels, which feature little figurines representing African fertility goddesses as heels.

These shoes actually caused a bit of controversy when they first appeared on the Dior runway, with some people feeling that the idea of walking around on the goddesses offensive. That hasn't stopped a whole bunch of celebrities wearing them, though, so tell us, readers: what do you think of them, and what do you think of Marion's look here?


  1. What’s next? Heels shaped like the pyramids? Maybe Stonehenge? Or fruit? Pear heels, banana heels?
    When does it end????

  2. Being a Pagan myself, I DO find that a bit offensive. How would Christians feel if the Goddesses were replace with Jesus or Mary. “That just ain’t right.”

  3. Why does it need to end? Heels could be like tattoos, self-expression. A heel could be anything, and I kind of like that concept. Stonehenge might be difficult to excecute, but more power to the designer who does. I like the crazy heels.

  4. Seems like something a little girl would be interested in wearing. Just because it is a major brand, doesn’t mean it deserves to be worn.
    On the plus side, props Cottillard for pairing these busy shoes with a nice simple top-part.

  5. i think the rest of the shoe is too busy…they would have made the goddess stand out more if they hadn’t paired her with that weird snake-skin-esque mosaic shoe and the silver strap…i think it would have looked nicer in a solid shoe with the straps in a shade closer to the base of the goddess

  6. I find them weird and offensive. Walking around on naked women is just a bad image. I know it’s intended to be ornamental and not symbolic, but you can’t avoid the symbolism, since you are using a fertility Goddess in the design.

  7. I think it looks like the poor woman is staggering under the weight of the wearer. A new image of “downtrodden womanhood.”

  8. I’m not going to get into the PC debate on using ethno-religious iconography in fashion(godesses, feathers or otherwise) cause politics aside – I *hate* the shoe on a purely visual level.
    They are fugly.

  9. The idea of walking with someone else’s cherished diety literally under your feet, supporting your weight, collecting dust and dirt, scraping along the sidewalk, is just downright rude.

  10. I’m not sure about the shoes (not because of the godesses, just as a whole), but I think she looks divine. Timeless.

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