The MET Costume Institute Gala 2009: Mary-Kate Olsen, Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr, Diane Kruger, Eva Herzigova, Rachel Weisz, Anne Hathaway, Renee Zellweger


Some more pictures from last night’s Costime Istitute Gala at the Met, kicking off with Mary-Kate Olsen, above. We can’t quite put our fingers on what’s wrong with this look: maybe you can?


Blake Lively, we barely knew ye. By which we mean,”totally didn’t recognise you here”. Thigh-split dresses always make us think of Liz Hurley, and not in a good way, but we guess Serena would approve…


Poor Miranda Kerr became the latest tragic victim of The Clothes Ripper. Will this evil villain never be caught?


Diane Kruger: short but sweet


Eva Herzigova – nice dress, not-so-nice lipstick. Looks like she shared a stylist with…


Rachel Weisz. We normally love Rachel, but she looks even more freshly-exhumed than Eva in this pale dress/black lipstick combo. Scary.


Anne Hathaway was rocking a very 1960s/Jackie 0 look in the hair and makeup, but her dress failed to make much of an impression on us.


Renee Zelweger, looking… exactly like Renee Zelweger. Is it just us, or has Renee worn this dress, or one almost the same as it, to almost everything for the past two years?

  1. Mary-Kate looks like the gypsy-witch from a story book; Irregular long layers, black and greys, lots of eyeliner, rough hair. Not good at all. I really don’t understand this current trend of uncombed, straggly hair. How does that even begin to look good, ever?
    I love Anne Hathaway’s look though. I think it’s a great dress, in a better colour.

  2. Oh dear. I don’t like anyone’s look here. Especially the first three, they are just nightmarish. I do like Eva’s dress, but everything from the neck up is too disturbing for me to be able to admire it properly. And Anne Hathaway just looks awkward to me in that thing, the gathering and length is weird.

  3. What’s wrong with Mary-Kate’s dress is that it’s too long. Cut off the bottom two ruffles and it would get to “OK” territory. And while you have the scissors out, trim the extensions 6 inches or so. Couldn’t hurt…

  4. MK’s dress is tinfoiley, and her eyes look like sinkholes. There are a lot of things wrong with this look, but those are the first two that come to mind.

  5. MK’s dress is tinfoiley, and her eyes look like sinkholes. There are a lot of things wrong with this look, but those are the first two that come to mind.

  6. My problem with MK’s dress is that I really don’t know what I’m supposed to be focusing on. My eye goes ‘ooh! shiny’ on to ‘neat texture at the bottom’ then ‘big blank matte spot here’ and flies all over the place. I don’t get a sense of the whole look because I’m too busy looking at senseless details.

  7. MK is not only wearing gray, her hair is doing gray! Maybe Anne would have gotten away with less volume on the skirt?

  8. I can just imagine MK’s grandma running around looking for her curtains. The eyeliner does not do a single thing for her, and neither does that nightmare of a coiffure. A little more colour in her lips might have helped, but surely MK needs a new stylist, pronto.

  9. MK always drowns herself in clothes that make her look 20 years older than she actually is.She should make her clothes a true reflection to her age

  10. If the girl from Gossip Girl was trying to look 40 years old in 1982 she was incredibly successful… Kudos.
    MK’s dress looks like she may have stolen it from Helena Bonham Carter. Poor Helena – walking around naked now because of MK….

  11. mary kate looks like she stole her mom’s tin foil and forgot to brush her hair for a week. Also, her eyeliner isn’t great
    Rachel Weisz’s lipstick is way too dark for that dress. If she had piled her hair on top of her head in that style ( i forget hwta it’s called) and used maybe pale pink lipstick it would have looked much better-or just wear a black/dark dress

  12. Blake Lively’s dress is terrible! It is literally slit up to you-know-where, which is why she had to cover it with her hand in that terrible pose…and just one sleeve? Just terrible!!!

  13. There are three things wrong with miss Olsen’s dress.
    1. Not tailored for her body.
    2. Bad fabric both colour and texture-wise.
    3. Badly done layers at the skirt.
    If she didn’t try to look even smaller (at least that is what I think she tries) by wearing dresses that don’t fit to her actual waist, and this dress was for example a non-metallic pale yellow with the prints brought out by lace as the top layer, and the layers on the skirt were all more-or-less the same length then I think she would actually look quite good.
    But then again, perhaps that is all too much changing.

  14. Overall, I am very unimpressed with almost all costumes of the gala of the institute.
    (sorry for double-commenting, I haven’t had my morning coffee yet and it’s past noon)

  15. Mary-Kate has the face for the Helena Bonham Carter look though. Maybe not quite the coloring, but she pulled it off just fine here.

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