Things We Hope Never Happen: Hairy chested t-shirts for hairy-chested men


  Given that the illustration above is a drawing and not a photograph, you’ll be relieved to know that this is one fashion idea that has yet to come to fruition. And we’re sure you’ll all join with us in offering thanks to the Style Gods above for that.

The idea is simple, yet… terrible. Take one hairy chested male. Add a t-shirt with strategic cut-outs, through which the chest rug can be seen. What do you get? Well, you get a crime of fashion, obviously, but thankfully one that doesn’t actually exist. Yet. Give it time, though, give it time…

  1. Well the concept is flawed, besides the obvious. In this case, the head would always be flopped forward, unless you have some sort of brace behind it, but then the shirt would never lie smooth on the torso…I don’t believe they’ll find a way to make this work. I shan’t believe it!

  2. True enough, would it actually work?
    I think it’s pretty funny, but hopefully not going to be the next trend. My bloke could fill the afro though 😉

  3. I just spent about 10 minutes laughing about this at my desk. I definitely don’t want to see this on the market, but it’s hilarious!

  4. Hm… This might prove itself useful when you want to choose the male with the highest quantity of testosteron running through his veins…

  5. If they make the T-shirt really tight, it ought to work.
    Have they thought of ones with the cut-out at the back yet?

  6. now, now. why we, the hairy chesteds always have to suffuer for such a discrimination? “you’re a monkey”, “yuckie”, “shave that”. It’s time to put a end to it having a shirt like this for starters…

  7. Ha! Oh i hope this is never a trend! Pretty tacky, but very funny! Wonder how this could fit into my site Fashion don’t’s of course!

  8. It would also work to make the head part a Velcro like material that would latch on the the chest hair…

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