We've called this a "Top Ten" but… it isn't really. There are just too many wonderful retro-style dresses out there right now for us to possibly narrow them down to just ten, so this is really just a list – in no particular order – of our favourites right now. We'll probably be drooling over a completely different bunch next month, but for now, enjoy!

Sexy Retro-sailor-dress

   Vintage Inspired Sailor Swing Dress

Because we're obsessed with all things navy and nautical, and would you lookit that teeny-tiny waist! Hubba hubba! (Wait: did we just say "hubba hubba"? See what this stuff does to us?!)


 Wiggle dress with secretary collar

Because sometimes the "sexy secretary" look just seems like a good idea.

Polka dot swing dress

  50s style polka dot swing dress

Because no retro dress collection would be complete without a polka dot swing dress….


  Betty Page 'Captain' dress

Because apparently one nautical-inspired dress wasn't enough for us…

Stop staring-bombshell dress

 40s style bombshell dress

Because we never met a Stop Staring dress we didn't instantly want to wear…


 50s floral print halter

Because Vivien of Holloway gets us every time.


 Red gingham halterneck

Because it's just about as summery as it gets.


Betty Page Jazmin dress

Because it looks even better from the back.


Yellow cotton halter dress

Because it's yellow, and the bow makes us think of presents. Everyone loves presents, don't they?


Red 'Ella' wiggle dress

Because… oh, just because


  1. This is officially my favourite ever FP post – I want every single one of those dresses. Been feeling wretched today but just looking at them cheers me up!

  2. Beautiful! If only I could afford to indulge my love of retro dresses. And as long as I’m wishing for things I can’t have, I want the voluptuous figure of the blonde in the first picture, too!

  3. I looked at the website, when the red wiggle dress was posted, and the blonde model is wearing a corset in basicly every picture (it cheered me up a bit to know that waist isn’t natural) :P
    But I agree with Steph, I want all the dresses!

  4. hey, i nominated that yellow dress for dress of the day a while ago. i was disappointed you didn’t publish it, but at least it turned up this way.

  5. I’ve just got sexy secretary glasses… now I want sexy secretary dress too. I don’t care if I’m freelance and no one would see it! I want!

  6. I think you just cured my forever ongoing cold.
    Oh, beautiful dresses, I love you! (and you, Fashion Police, for this post)

  7. Love the first one, and would really love the red gingham one if the skirt was wider.
    Also love the shoes in the last pic.

  8. Oh my…
    How beautiful!! Utterly gorgeous, you’re making me drool~
    Have to agree with you there, Fashion Police: TINY, TINY WAIST. Damn.

  9. I think I was born in the wrong era .. 50′s style retro dresses make my heart skip a beat more than anything.

  10. anu: hey, i nominated that yellow dress for dress of the day a while ago. i was disappointed you didn’t publish it, but at least it turned up this way.

    what website did you get the yellow dress from?

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