Our apologies for bringing you two posts about Drew Barrymore in as many days, but Drew seems to be really enjoying herself fashion-wise at the moment, and we happen to think she's looking pretty good. Here she is last night arriving for her appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, in a dramatic black dress with billowing sleeves and a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sandals which are Shoe Porn at its finest.

The shoes are £415, and available at Net-a-Porter. The dress, meanwhile, is Giambattista Valli, and has had mixed responses around the blogging world: what do you think of it?


  1. The sleeves are a bit much for me, and they’re not necessary because just LOOK at her body…no need to distract there! But heck, she’s drew barrymore, and she has earned the right to do and wear whatever she damn well pleases in my book. She looks faboo.

  2. LOVE dress and shoes – she looks fab!
    The point about the sleeves is that it makes her body look so good – she does not have the perfect model figure but the dress and shoes totally create the effect that she does. That’s what well cut dresses do….and shoes.

  3. If I saw that dress on anyone else I’d think it was ghastly .. but Drew looks gorgeous in it.
    TBH she looks terrific in anything really, and is one of those people who can pull off a multitude of different looks (from flower child to glamourpuss) and make them her own.

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