Evan Rachel Wood: one night, two dresses – which do you prefer?


Evan Rachel Wood. For a while she was little more than a Dita Von Teese mini-me, style-wise, and sometimes we're tempted to think she still is.

Evan clearly likes her fashion, though, and we quite like it, too. Last night she wore two different dresses to the "Whatever Works" premiere: but which one works best for you? Evan arrived looking demure and sophisticated, and left looking like a little more of a party girl, although she stuck to plain black both times.

So, which outfit works best?

  1. Really clever combo – completely different looks, but the hair and shoes work with them both equally.

  2. For me it’s the dress on the left – it’s so sophisticated but different from the norm with a sort of almost victorian flavour. The right dress, by contrast, is lovely, but nothing particularly different or special, despite the ruffle trim. Mind you the left dress could use a bit more ornamentation or detail – perhaps some panel seams. But I still like it more.

  3. I dunno. I don’t like the first one. Is it just me, or does she look a little elongated in it? Maybe it is just me because I’m starting to see her in a penguin suit…

  4. the first one doesn’t make her figure stand out,(she’s almost swimming in it!) , it is cut in an odd way which makes it a bit too large, than the buttons should be smaller and all against each others, like in yet former balloon-sleeves “robes à bavettes” from Slimane for St laurent in 2012, but this one lacks subtlety,last hit:the black of the dress is no good for varnished, or do u say glossy? pumps(i dunno the fashion lingo in english).

    so even if the 2nd is dead classical, i prefer this one, plus I love the picture:
    running away from some creepy Manson’s fan waiting for her for an autographe (dressed up like a dork,”soit dit en passant.”),the way she holds her dress to flee this parasite with a vaguely helpless look on her face, that’s just endearing….
    I always apreciated how E.R.W doesn’t abuse on the accessories and the glittery, even when it’s about jewllery, so those earings, those tip-toes-opened-pumps and slim bag (cause i dunno the english name of that either!) are too me way better than the first shot, in that strict outfit.

    (sorry for the numberless mistakes, hope it will make enough sense anyway)

    N.B: she could easily wear that Alexanfer Lee McQueen dress i sliped after this.

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