Dita Von Teese in “Wearing Flat Shoes” Shocker at Coachella Music Festival


We didn't think we'd ever catch Dita Von Teese in anything other than her usual skyscraper heels, but it seems the Coachella Music Festival this weekend forced even Dita to go for the practical option. Dita still managed to keep her retro vibe alive, though, in a printed dress and coiffed hairdo. And at least her Louboutins were safe from the grass stains…

  1. *sighs* Sometimes I think I’d like to see dita in a worn out old white t-shirt and scrubby old a&f jean shorts and flip flops. With her hair down. It would have suited her better than this. I know she’s the fabulous miss dita, but honestly, she looks dowdy and slightly crazy in a “cat lady” sorta way. Not feelin’ this look.

  2. Apparently she dressed like that (with jeans/sneakers) for Halloween, Gokarm – she said it was the most un-Dita thing she could think of! It did make me smile, but yes, as much as I love her look, I would also like to see her in something more up-to-date, just for a change.

  3. I don’t think anyone was saying she wasn’t dressed appropriately, Fashion? In fact,on another post, I specifically said she was. The post really just says that it’s unusual to see her wearing flat shoes, which it is. I’ve always happily admitted to being envious of Dita, though – who wouldn’t be :)

  4. Gokarm, I’m not sure where you see crazy cat lady in this…*I* have seen crazy cat ladies and they never could look as gorgeous as Dita always does. I am very glad to see that she pulls of casual and glam fairly well :)

  5. Agree with gokarm. It just looks weird and frumpy. A pair of ballet flats would’ve been better I think. Or just dressing in something more neutral.

  6. If she would wear those shoes in a beige or white color it would be more in balance with her pale skintone. Or ballerina flats or a pair of hunter rainboots!

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