Carrie’s ‘Sex and the City’ wedding dress is an instant sell-out at Net-a-Porter


  This Vivienne Westwood dress is actually a three-quarter length version of the full-length gown Carrie wore in the Sex and the City movie, but that hasn’t stopped people snapping it up : and nor has the fact that it costs £4,530,either! The dress went into Net-a-Porter’s ‘New In’ section yesterday, and by mid-morning it was already sold out, so unless they only had a couple in stock, we guess we might be seeing a few Carrie-esque brides this summer.

Sarah Jessica Parker is pictured in the original after the jump. What do you think, readers: is this the kind of thing you’d wear to your wedding?


  1. I really like this one and yes I would definitely wear it to my wedding. For me it has just one negative point: the colour. I like it but unfortunately I’m too pale. It wouldn’t look good…

  2. The dress is gorgeous but not one that I’d wear to my own wedding. Besides, a dress that poofy would definitely require bridesmaids’ help at all times.

  3. Well yeah, I’d wear the shorter version. It’s actually perfect, I always wanted a tea-length (t-length?) 50’s style wedding dress a’la Kenley Collins on Project Runway last season. And the shape is perfect for almost any body type. I’m not surprised this sold out.

  4. I have to say that I don’t like this look at all. It looks like folded up sheets (complete with wrinkles) to me, and I don’t like the pointy boob thing that’s going on. I don’t like anything about Carrie’s or the knock-off. Though, if I had to choose, I’d choose the knock-off. There’s something about it that looks more polished…

  5. At first I really liked it but it doesn’t look good at all on SJP. But as far as wedding dresses go, it should definitely be tried on personally to see what it is really like.

  6. If you’ve seen the film, the dress looks much better when she’s modelling it first (and has much more relaxed hair and make-up). The dress is big, but the way she wore it softened the overall look, and she looked really pretty.
    I actually hated how she looked on her wedding day (in the film) … the blue bird stuck on her head, the harsh make-up, hair scraped back – it was unflattering and even a bit ageing.
    I actually was let down by most of the clothes in the film TBH. I was expecting one big fashion perve, and it never eventuated.

  7. To Bunbuns – The shorter one isn’t a knock off, they’re both designed by Vivienne Westwood.

  8. I wouldn’t. It’s a construction, not clothing. The skirt is too foofy, and the bodice is so stiff that it does’t look like you’re actually wearing it so much as stuck somewhere in the middle of it.

  9. Melanie,
    I think the point of the whole scene in the movie was that it was too much – the bird in the hair, the biting makeup – it was part of what scared the husband away, I think.

  10. I like the poofy skirt, but I’m tired of strapless bodice wedding dresses. Done to death. Plus, I don’t believe in clothes that defy gravity. Crazy glue, anyone?

  11. I like the copy better than the original. I gotta admit, at first glance it’s actually quite beautiful but now that I imagine someone actually *in* it, I don’t think it’ll look appealing at all. I love unique wedding dresses, but not this one.
    Wouldn’t a sweetheart neckline be better as it would turn down the harshness of this dress?

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