The Barbie Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week


We're only three days into New York Fashion Week, and already we think we've seen our favourite show. We just don't see how it can get any better than beautiful models, all dressed as Barbie dolls, wearing clothes created by some of the world's top designers, do you?

This, of course, was the Barbie Fashion Show – a catwalk event to celebrate Barbie's 50th birthday, with designers like Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Betsey Johnson providing the clothes and Christian Louboutin providing the specially created Barbie-pink stilettos. Lots of fun, some fabulous designs, a great job with hair and makeup, and Ken even put in an appearance too. What more could you possibly want? Oh yeah, photos: they're under the jump…











  1. While that model in the last photo freaks me out a bit, the designs are adorable. The huge hair and skeletal legs, not so much.

  2. i think its pretty funny that in the last photo, barbie is wearing socks with her high heels…so should we put barbie in fashion jail???

  3. Is there a place where you can purchase a pair of those ‘Barbie Pink’ stilettos? Because right now I am desperately wanting a pair! ;]

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