Lady Gaga Naked in Paris in nude bodysuit worn with suit jacket and hair bow

Lady Gaga Goes Naked in Paris!

OK, she didn’t really. She’s actually wearing a flesh coloured bodysuit (Maison Martin Margiela) and nude pumps (Christian Louboutin) under a suit jacket, but from a distance it definitely LOOKS like she’s walking around naked, and that would appear to be the whole point of this outfit. (She also looks a bit like a nude Barbie in it, thanks to the featureless flesh-tone, but that’s another matter altogether…) After all, “Lady Gaga Wears Clothes” doesn’t make nearly as many headlines as “Lady Gaga Goes Naked”, does it?

Lady Gaga, that’s it: we’re taking you in.

You’ve had your fun, and so far we’ve chosen to turn a blind eye to it, but this time you’ve gone too far. When we first laid eyes on the evidence above, we thought you were actually naked underneath that jacket, and while yes, we know that’s exactly what you wanted us to think, there’s no excuse for this kind of behaviour, young lady. Flesh coloured leotards do not an “outfit” make.

Lady Gaga, you have the right to remain silent. You also have the right to put on some clothes. Please.

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Lady Gaga goes naked in flesh coloured bodusuit, nude pumps and jacket


  1. Is she acting out one of those nightmares where you think you’re properly dressed until someone points out you’ve got nothing on under your jacket?

  2. Looking naked is bad enough, but why the glasses. They don’t seem to fit, they’re out on the end of her nose and give the whole disaster a “Ms. Magoo” quality. Like if her friend wasn’t holding on to her arm she’d just wander away and you’d find her 5 hrs later talking to a statue.

  3. haha I totally agree with Celeste too.
    She even has an expression on her face like she’s not quite all there.
    She’s just attention seeking I’d say.

  4. Everyone else has correctly noted the terrible things about this outfit, but there is one good thing – the jacket. I think it’s cute! It deserves better treatment.

  5. For your information:
    Over here in Germany we celebrate “Fasching” or “Karneval” in Febuary, which is like Halloween, but without the spooky stuff. You just dress up as pirate/princess/whatever and have fun.
    I don’t know if they celebrate it in France, too, but from the look of her (and
    especially these ridiculous glasses) and considering the time of year this may actually be her idea of a costume.
    I know this is Lady Gaga and I know how she usually dresses, so my theory could as well be wrong. But these glasses are so not like her…

  6. Oh, the shoes, jacket and gloves are innocent of all charges – in fact,they’re all pretty nice. Especially the shoes. It’s the leotard that’s the problem here, and the glasses don’t help. Carla, I think you’re right re: Margiela!

  7. I like Lady Gaga`s music but her fashion sense is debatable. She kinda freaks me out because she`s always ‘in character’ – orange skin, wig, glasses. I doubt I would recognize her without any of those things on. Wearing stage clothes on the street makes her look like a clown. And for Christ`s sake, it`s winter, isn`t she freezing her ass off? Literally?
    I am curious, why do celebrities wear the ugly glasses? Kanye West wears some geek-ugly glasses, Nicole Ritchie and the Olsen Twins both have the half-black half-transparent round glasses, etc.
    They think they are so attractive that they can “uglify” themselves?

  8. She’s making her own statements. She’s not fitting in with the “stars wear designer and show off their money”… although her clothes are definitely not cheap, their different. I like it, not because I dig the fashion, but because it shows that she’s trying not to blend in with the crowd, just like so many other would be stars. I mean hell, the spiked shoulder pads in her poker face music video along with the mirror and led screen glasses speak to that. Its kinda cool. And yes like so many others point out… she’s wicked hot and can afford to lose some sex appeal with her outfits =)

  9. The only crime here is that she’s wearing anything at all. Anyone looking that good should be allowed and encouraged to wear that outfit without the leotard!

  10. I can’t see how she’s up here, It doesn’t even look close to her skin color. Perhaps you’re just jealous, much.

  11. The outfit conveys a message. She may be a pop icon but this can be interpreted as a statement on society’s values. Its merely another form of contemporary art, works exist in gallery’s around the globe that surpass this as far as shocking your tired sensitivities is concerned. You judgmental lot sound like a bunch of old wives tut tutting about the youth and their scandalous ways.

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