Fighting crimes of fashion doesn’t leave us with a lot of spare time to watch movies, so we only managed to catch Slumdog Millionaire about a week ago, just in time to develop a serious girl-crush on Freida Pinto in time for the Oscars. She’s beautiful in the movie, and also beautiful in this blue dress by John Galliano, but we don’t think the fit is quite right around the waist – a bit of pulling in would’ve been more flattering to Freida’s lovely figure, although she earns Fashion Police points for choosing a colour that wasn’t white (or something similarly pale).


  1. I like the colour, but I could do without the transparent sleeve, which I find a bit tacky.
    Also that strap looked rather choking in the close-up view.

  2. I love this dress, I think it was one of the bests.
    I do agree the sleeve isn’t my favorite but I think she pulls it off wonderfully.

  3. Love the color and the delicate looking details. I agree with you on the shape, though.
    On a side note – it’s just surreal how beautiful she is, isn’t it?

  4. I think the shape is a bit more typical of Indian clothing. If you look at their traditional clothing, a lot of it seems to be shaped this way. It’s not actually bad tailoring, it’s just how they make their clothes… Just look at pictures of a traditional Indian wedding. It looks like that’s what the inspiration for the dress was taken from.
    Of course, I could be wrong. I’m going off what I know of the traditional formal wear for my few Indian friends.
    But I love the dress. The color and detailing are beautiful, and she looks beautiful in it.

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