February, 2009

Dress of the Day: Red ‘Bonita’ dress from Stop Staring

  We apologise in advance for this post. We know Stop Staring dresses can cause serious damage to our readers' bank balances, and this one would be no exception in our case, although we know some of you will object to those ruffles. If you're not one of them, though, this is $160 from here. Be warned, though: people WILL stare…

Friday Fashion Fun: Beard hat and moustache gloves

As some of you may know, The Fashion Police HQ is located in the Frozen North, and this means we have some degree of sympathy for those forced to wear ugly clothes (yes, even Ugg boots) in a bid to stay warm during the winter. In fact, we tend to think these poor souls should be exempted from strict adherence to our usual stringent style policies, because, well, they have enough to deal with. Then we look at the beard hat and moustache gloves, and we think, "Eh, maybe not."

Style on Trial: Phillip Lim’s fringed boat neck tunic

  Whee! Look how much fun this model is having in her Phillip Lim tunic! SO much fun! Doesn't it make you wish you, too, had a fringed tunic you could twirl around in, although hopefully while wearing some kind of pants or skirt while you were doing it? Well, that's too bad, because this tunic stands accused of committing crimes of fashion, and until we've decided whether it's innocent or guilty, it's not going anywhere. In short, the accused is charged with: 1. Taking the current trend for fringes way, way too far. 2. Making people look like they have very hairy backs 3. Being too "wacky" for its own good We did consider an additional charge of "model…

Style Stealer: Peaches Geldof in Office’s ‘Late Night’ platform shoes

  It's London Fashion Week, which means The Fashion Police have been subjected to more than the usual amount of photos of Peaches Geldof this week. Peaches did take a break from fashion to attend the NME Awards on Wednesday night however, wearing these grey patent 'Late Nights' platforms from Office, which are £75. These are also available in black, which we would've preferred on Peaches, because we're not huge fans of the "pale shoes with dark tights" look, but we suspect we're in the minority on that one, because we see such a lot of it during the winter month, but whether you prefer grey or black, you can get them here.

Handbag of the Week: Ri2K ‘Ivy’ suede gathered grab bag from ASOS

  Today The Fashion Police are rejoicing in the knowledge that February, our most hated of months, is finally on the way out, and Spring is at last just around the corner. To celebrate, we're thinking this bright purple suede grab bag by R12K would make a nice addition to our Spring uniforms. If you think so too, it's £100 and you can buy it at ASOS.com. After all, what better way to chase the winter blues away than with Spring, er, purples?

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Dress of the Day: Green jersey dress by Issa

  Jersey dresses are a Fashion Police favourite, because they're so comfortable and easy to wear. This one has a bit of a twist – literally – to make it a little more interesting, and as well as this glorious green, it's also available in a beautiful blue, which makes us like it even more. It's £338 from Matches Fashion.

Chris Benz two-tone ‘June’ shorts: for your inner jester

We wouldn’t classify these shorts as a crime of fashion. Not exactly. But if, say, you found yourself back in the 16th century (and it happens to the best of us), forced to act as court jester at King Henry’s feast, these shorts would be your friend. We also have grave concerns that some people will try to wear these with American Apparel’s two-tone tights, and that makes us wonder if we should just go ahead an arrest them anyway, as a sort of preemptive strike. Or perhaps just spirit them away to a Fashion Police safe house until the danger has passed? What do you think? Fun n’ funky, or for court jesters only?

Anne Hathaway wins Best Dressed at the 2009 Oscars, according to Fashion Police readers. Also had best shoes.

  Well, folks, the votes have been counted and verified, and we have a clear winner for the coveted Best Actress in a Leading Dress award! Yes, Anne Hathaway polled 25% of the vote exactly (at the time of writing), with runner up Penelope Cruz on 12.9%. The Fashion Police thoroughly approve of this choice: Anne looked stunning on the night, in her Armani Prive dress, and although we couldn’t actually see them, we also think she deserves a Best Shoe award for what Shoewawa tells us were custom-made Casadei platforms. Well done to Anne Hathaway, and thanks to everyone who took part in the poll- we loved reading your comments!

Katy Perry attacked by giant smiley faces, Fashion Police investigating

 Poor Katy Perry. Out signing autographs, bothering no one and looking perfectly sweet in her little polka dot skirt/dress, when suddenly..POP! Two giant yellow smiley faces appear out of nowhere and attach themselves to her shoulders. "It was horrific," an eye witness told The Fashion Police. "Katy had no chance: she just didn't see it coming. It was tragic to see such a pretty young woman attacked in such a senseless way." Katy is currently recovering from her ordeal at a Fashion Police Safe House. Meanwhile, we're putting out ab APB on the yellow smiley faces, which we believe to be armed and dangerous: do not approach them, people – just call The Fashion Police!

Save or Splurge: Button front dresses from Vivienne Westwood and New Look

  As you may have gathered, we've been loving New Look's range of designer-inspired dresses lately. We don't think their black, button front dress (£25)is directly inspired by Vivienne Westwood's 'Bagatelle' dress (£220 at NET-A-PORTER ) because this is a simple style that never really goes "out" of fashion, but it's similar enough to make us wonder which you'd go for? As much as we love Vivienne Westwood (and trust us, we really love Vivienne Westwood), we actually think we prefer the New Look version in this case: it has a slightly corseted waist which would help pull us in, and although we know the fabric won't be as nice, we prefer the slightly wider neckline, too. What about you:…

The Handbag Hat: for anyone who’s ever wanted to wear a bag on their head

  No wonder this model is looking a trifle sheepish: well, wouldn't you be if you were wearing a handbag on your head? Now, in an effort to be generous here, we could, of course, argue that this would come in mighty handy if it started to rain. Have you spotted the deliberate mistake there, though? Other than the fact that you'd look exactly like you were wearing a bag on your head, that is? Yes, the problem here is that if you did do a switch handbag-to-headwear switch… you'd have nothing to carry your stuff in, and everything that HAD been inside the bag would have to go into your pockets, or be carried by hand. Clearly that would…

Dress of the Day: Red ‘Edith’ dress from Coast

  I know it's asking for trouble to post anything with a bow on it here these days, but this dress was too cute not to share. It's called 'Edith' it's £110, and if you like it too, you can buy it here . Now, if they'd just make a version in green, we'd be a happy Fashion Police indeed…

The curse of the open-toed boots strikes again: LD Tuttle’s ‘Spectre’ boots

  Sigh. We think this is a sight we’re going to have to get used to this year, folks. We’re not saying it’s a sight we like of course – far from it – but these open-toe boots are like weeds: no sooner do we take out one pair, than a dozen others have sprung up to replace them. Such are the frustrations of policing the world of fashion. The latest culprits to cross our radar are these ‘Spectre’ boots by LD Tuttle, which are rather appropriately named, because we see them as the Spectre of Things To Come. It looks like it’s going to be a long, ugly summer. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Prom dress spotted with “ruff” – Fashion Police appalled

  WHAT? NO! Oh, someone say it ain't so! This picture was sent to us by Fashion Police Office Kristina, who found it on a prom dress site. Now, the dress itself we're not going to take issue with but the RUFF on the other hand: well, that's another matter altogether, isn't it? And sure, we like the Elizabethan period too. And a little nod towards fashion history is perfectly acceptable, even welcomed in some outfits, but this? This looks less like a Elizabethan ruff, and more like one of those tubes you put around a dog's neck to stop him scratching his ears. We're both puzzled and appalled. Although, we have to admit, it would be fun to see…

Ugly Prom Dress of the Week: the Strawberry Shortcake

  Judging by some of the comments we get on the various Ugly Prom Dresses in the Fashion Police cells, we know some of you are going to just love this one, and that's great: you can wear it, so we don't have to! We, meanwhile, think this looks like Strawberry Shortcake just threw up all over it. And we can't blame her, really: the pinkness, the ruffles, the flowers… None of these things on their own would make for an ugly prom dress, of course, but put them altogether, mix for a few minutes, and you end up with a Toilet Doll with a serious penchant for pink. And let us just be blunt: there's no good way to…

Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Kate Winslet’s Oscar dress already copied by eDressMe

  Lordy, but doesn't the world of fashion move fast? Kate Winslet is just fresh off the plane from LA, still clutching her Oscar, and already our Fraud Squad bring news of this copycat dress from eDressMe, which is the doppelganger of the Yves St Laurent gown  she wore on Sunday night. They're doing an Amy Adams inspired one, too! If this wasn't $375, we'd be tempted to buy it and dress up as Kate Winslet this Halloween…

Lady Gaga goes “naked” in Paris

Lady Gaga Goes Naked in Paris! OK, she didn’t really. She’s actually wearing a flesh coloured bodysuit (Maison Martin Margiela) and nude pumps (Christian Louboutin) under a suit jacket, but from a distance it definitely LOOKS like she’s walking around naked, and that would appear to be the whole point of this outfit. (She also looks a bit like a nude Barbie in it, thanks to the featureless flesh-tone, but that’s another matter altogether…) After all, “Lady Gaga Wears Clothes” doesn’t make nearly as many headlines as “Lady Gaga Goes Naked”, does it? Lady Gaga, that’s it: we’re taking you in. You’ve had your fun, and so far we’ve chosen to turn a blind eye to it, but this time…

Reader-Nominated Dress of the Day: Moondance prom dress from ModCloth

  ModCloth is clearly popular with The Fashion Police’s readers: we’ve had several Dress of the Day suggestions from there now, with the latest being this Moondance prom dress, which was nominated by Anu, and is $94.99. Anu says: “I  think this moondance dress is really pretty. Something like a gothic ballerina would wear, but a bit subtle, and very retro.” If you agree, you can buy it here.