The ‘Toe-G’ – lingerie for the feet


Now, we’re not saying these are ugly, exactly. It’s more that they provide a solution to a problem we genuinely didn’t know existed: namely, what do you do when you want to go barefoot, but still look like you’re wearing shoes?

Maybe we just don’t get out much, but this is a dilemma we’ve yet to encounter. If you have, though, the Toe-G is aimed at you. It’s basically a “g-string” for your toes – no sole, no support, literally just a thong for your feet. It was originally developed for barefoot brides getting married on the beach, but of course, you can wear it anywhere you like, really.

Would you wear it, though? A Toe-G of your own will cost you $24.75 and there’s a range of styles available on the company website, which you’ll find here. Will you be buying?


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    Wouldn’t a toe ring/ ankle bracelet combo be better? This is just weird.

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    surely you could just buy ribbons and tie them on yur feet in a similar manner? Oh yeah, and they are completely pointless!

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    Rock Hyrax

    If you’re going to walk around barefoot, chances are it’ll be because you like feeling your feet are free of encumbrances like shoes. (Well at least that was my reason, till I stepped on a bee!) So I’d classify these as worse than pointless.

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    I was ready to roll eyes and say “puh-lease, it’s just an ugly flip flop” when I looked closer. Wow. It’s completly pointless…

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    Actually I was once given something very similar (It was like a black net to put on the top of your foot and looked like a sock without sole and toes) and gave it away as fast as possible because I couldn’t ever imagine wearing it. It was butt-ugly, I don’t like walking barefoot and it doesn’t go with sandals either.
    These are even worse, because they are ruffled *shudder* Thank you, but no.

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    Ok, I can ALMOST see the “barefoot bride” point. ALMOST. However the sensible lady in me says “BACK, foul beast, BACK I SAY!”

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    I actually think the white ones would be cute for a beach wedding.

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    These kinds of things have been around for decades, for barefooters(people who like going barefoot all the time) who actually do need to look like they’re wearing shoes to get around the “no shirt, no shoes, no service thing. They’re just not usually so ugly. Also, I can’t help but think that unless you’re lucky and have perfectly-sized feet for these, the strap would either dig into your heel, or fall off, because they don’t look adjustable.

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    Wow, really cheap-looking. I’ll make my own, thanks. No, wait, I won’t.

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    This is like a weird, ugly offshoot of the beaded foot jewelery I’ve seen middle eastern dancers wear.
    And yeah, barefooters tend to use leather straps for the sandal look.

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