The haute couture fashion shows got underway in Paris this week, and as exciting as that undoubtedly is, it's sometimes what the crowd wore that attracts our attention first. Here are Dita Von Teese and Mischa Barton, both attending the Dior show, but showcasing very different senses of style, with Dita her usual "dressed up to the nines" self, and Mischa … well, actually we're not completely sure what Mischa came dressed as, but it's a much more casual outfit than Dita's anyway, let's put it that way…

Which kind of style do you prefer, though: the comfy-and-casual or the never-knowingly-under-dressed?


  1. Is it me or does Mischa Barton look reaaaly old in that picture? Considering that she’s in her early 20′s?
    Personally I’m not feeling the pimp daddy look, I’d go for Dita’s classic chic

  2. To look at? Dressed to the nines. To wear? Comfort plays a large role. I do love being able to find looks that successfully combine style with comfort, though.

  3. Dita Von Teese without a question. And no, I don’t think that looks like Mischa Barton either – d’you think she’s been photoshopped? ;-}

  4. Dita looks awesome! Definitely my preference.
    Mischa looks like she’s going to pull a machine gun out of a violin case and shoot up the place!

  5. Dita, as always, looks pulled together and classy, while Mischa’s extensions look like they’ve been chewed on by rats. And stretchy pants with Converse to a Paris couture show? Really?

  6. Actually I prefer Mischa Barton here. I don’t see the big deal about Dita Von Teese. “Oh, she wears tons of make-up”, “oh she dresses like in the 40′s”…Yeah, zzzzzzz….

  7. I love Dita’s look.
    Mischa looks mismatched and awful. The shoes combined with the suit and tie combined with the hat. I looks like she got dresses in the dark from clothes picked up off the floor.

  8. Well Mischa looks absolutely awful, as usual (we’ve seen her in worse, of course).
    And while Dita’s outfit is impeccable, I’m getting a bit tired of her style… This whole 40s obsession is getting a bit too much… But I guess that, when you’re famous for doing nothing really, like she is, you have to get attention somehow…

  9. I saw Mischa last night in Charlotte street wearing that hat and a load of other stuff. She is a great looking girl and as much as I like fashion extremes, I could not for the life of me work out why and how she put together such a grim outfit. She looks pretty bad above too. I really hate Dita’s look though as well.

  10. For celebs who do the red carpet thing, I think the never knowingly underdressed look is far better. Actually, I like Dita’s outfit because it’s not overdone or too casual, it’s just classy. That’s something a lot of them can’t seem to pull off.

  11. I’m going to ignore Mischa because my beef is with Dita’s dress. The skirt is too snug and the top a touch too loose…so she gets the unsightly wrinkles and puckering at the belt. Also I think the flower in her hair is too big. Dita’s done “Dita” much better than this.

  12. i actually really like Mischas’ outfit until i saw the connies.
    i usually adore Ditas’ style, but this seems a little…stumpifying.

  13. Actually Mischa wore a stunnig green Christian Dior Mini Dress, that outfit just was for her leaving, in fact she change in her limo

  14. Here’s the link

  15. Haha, I look like a mix of things myself sometimes, as today when I came home to walk my dog in the mountains and hurriedly changed to mountainhike boots and a army jacket after wearing a black classy suit..!
    I love Ditas style. She is soooo …Betty Boop.
    Love love love.

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