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Shoe Style on Trial: Poste Mistress ‘Act on Impulse’ leather shoes

Poste_mistress Poste Mistress aren’t exactly known for making safe, sensible shoes that you can wear to go and visit your granny in, so these shoes aren’t much of a departure for them. What we want to know, though, is whether you like them or not.

We find ourselves admiring certain elements of the shoe: the mink/grey colour is nice, as is the button detailing on the sides (We’re suckers for buttons. Really.), but were the spats really necessary, we wonder? Or do they look a little bit like elephant skin – grey and wrinkled and, yes, ever so slightly creepy. (No offense to any elephants who happen to be reading this. Your skin is lovely – on you…)

Overall, we don’t think we’d rush to buy them, although we do concede that they’re better in black than they are in the picture shown above. What’s the verdict, then, Fashion Force? Guilty or innocent of Crimes Against Fashion?

(If you find them innocent, you can buy them from Office for £110).

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