Crimes of Fashion

Gareth Pugh’s zigzag jumpsuit – £355 well spent. Not.

Zigzag_jumpsuit Another one for the "how the other half live" files, here. That there are people in the world who find £355 a reasonable price for a zigzag jumpsuit boggles our minds, but of course, the fact that there are people who’d pay any amount of money for a zigzag jumpsuit boggles our minds, so we can’t really talk, here.

Clearly those people have more money and better figures than us. Ah well.

If you are one of those people, this item can be purchased from Browns, and also has stirrups, although you can’t see them in this picture. We’re guessing a skirt over the top would make it a whole lot more acceptable to us, but not £355 more acceptable – there’s the rub.

Would you wear it? And if so, how would you wear it?

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