The Fashion Police give thanks…


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Now, we know many of our US readers will be too busy enjoying the holiday to be fretting over crimes of fashion, but for those of you who’ve found the time to check in with The Fashion Police, we thought we’d give some thanks of our own. Fashion-related thanks, natch. So, right now The Fashion Police are thankful for:

1. The fact that Crocs seem to be losing popularity.

It’s not happening quite quickly enough for us, of course, but our eyeballs aren’t being assaulted by Crocs quite as often as they were last year, and if that’s not a reason to be thankful, we don’t know what is.

2. Skinny jeans

People have been predicting their demise for years now, but they’re still around, and even although we know many of our readers would like to feed us to the sharks for continuing to love skinnies, we don’t care, because you’ll be prising them off our cold, dead legs.

3. Christian Louboutin, Roland Mouret & Vivienne Westwood.

Because they make the world a prettier place.

4. The British high street

Because it gives us budget versions of designer fashions we couldn’t otherwise afford, plus some little gems of its own. Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Primark, River Island, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, Oasis, French Connection, ASOS, New Look – we salute you. And the rest of the stores we’ve neglected to mention here, too.

5. Net-a-Porter

Best. Online. Store. Ever. FACT.

6. Our readers

We don’t want to get all mushy and embarrass you, and we are tough cops after all, but you guys are great, you know that?  * Group hug *

Your turn, readers: what fashion-related (or what the hell, non-fashion related if you want) things are you feeling grateful for?

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