Shoes, Wear or Die

Wear or Die: Footwear edition


With winter hard upon us, it’s time to stock up on warm winter footwear, folks. Or actually, scratch that: let’s just stock up on totally impractical peep toe footwear instead, shall we? And let’s make it ugly, into the bargain! Well, it is Wear or Die, and that’s how it goes in this game, unfortunately…

Before you stand two boots. On the left, a black peep toe boot which has been forced inside a cheap copy of Balenciaga’s famous lego shoes. On the right, meanwhile,  a frightening take on the summer’s gladiator trend from a brand called "Promiscuous Tempt". Er, yeah.

Your task then, readers, is to choose one of the options above to wear. Oh, and if you don’t choose one? You die! Leave a comment to tell us what you’d wear and how you’d wear it…

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