They’re both pretty, blonde, 27-year-old British TV presenters, they’ve both presented the X-Factor, are good friends, and both turned up at last night’s National TV Awards wearing sparkly silver dresses – albeit in very different styles. So naturally, The Fashion Police wondered: who was the best dressed – Holly Willoughby or Fearne Cotton?

We think we’d personally go with Fearne on this one: Holly looks great in her her floor-length gown, but we’re liking Ferane’s slightly more rock-chick look, and we’re loving her hair! What do you think, though readers? Who wins the Star Style War between Holly and Fearne?


  1. Willoughby’s dress is pretty but boring compared to Cotton’s… I just wish Cotton hadn’t accessorized with black tights and boots.

  2. I think they both win because they both look like dressed up versions of themselves! Fearne is very “rock chick” anyway so it would be weird to see her in Holly’s dress (even though she could pull it off) and I hate to see people lose their personality on the red carpet!

  3. Fearne Cotton dresses like an idiot. Even though I dislike both of them for the same reason (famous for nothing) I’m going with Holly Willoughby because she looks very glamourous.

  4. Fern has a much more put together look. Holly’s dress looks like it is sliding off of her a little bit, but maybe that is how it is supposed to look….

  5. Holly looks stunning as ever, I love how she isn’t super thin! I personally adore Fearne’s dress..want want want want!! where did she get it from? I want my own, it’s FABULOUS!

  6. Fearne’s dress is fabulous. Not the usual boring red carpet number. Loving it!! Anyone knows where it is from?

  7. They both look great. Fearne Cotton always dresses a bit funkier than most and carries it off well. Holly’s dress is full on 50′s glamour girl and she looks fab.

  8. I think Holly’s dress is nice but a bit boring and sort of wot most would wear but I love fearnes dress so much. And plus I love the way she’s accessorised with black tights and boots…I love her style! and i want her dress…wher’s it from?

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