Swarovski contact lenses make your eyes, um, sparkle

Swarovski_contact_lenses Here’s the latest in what’s turning out to be an increasingly long line of contact lenses designed to make our eyes water. Not literally, of course, but seriously, does the thought of Swarovski crystals on your eyeball sound comfortable to you?

We should hurriedly add here that we have absolutely no evidence to suggest that these lenses, which ring your iris with crystals, are at all uncomfortable to wear (unless, of course, you put them on inside out by mistake, in which case, ouch), so we can’t prosecute them for that. What we can say, however, is that while we’re not opposed to a bit of sparkle for a special occasion, our eyeballs aren’t necessarily the place we want to wear it.

These were created by designer Anthony Mallier and won second place in the Crystal Vision’ competition which was organized by designboom and Swarovski. No word on whether you can actually buy them yet or not, but assuming that you can – would you?

(Thanks to Celecita for the report!)


  1. I like these. I’m not particularly squeemish about eyes, but I suspect the crystals are embedded within the contact lens. They’re pretty and subtle.

  2. I sort of like the concept, and I’d wear them to a dance, but then again I suspect I would get tired of telling my partners that yes, I DO have crystals in my contacts. Yeah, not so cool.

  3. I love them :] But if they’re disposable, you’d have to get rid of them after a month or so :[

  4. Being a bit of a sparkle-fiend I would totally wear these..unfortunately I can’t imagine the price-tag being quite so appealing
    Also I agree with Han..I’m not sure if I could handle people gazing curiously into my eyes 24/7

  5. About a million times better than the jewelry lenses with things that stuck OUT of your eye.

  6. Actually…YES, I would buy them and wear them all the time! Who doesn’t want a bit more sparkle in their eyes?

  7. Actually, yes.
    Because part of me is still the 12-year-old girl who dutifully put just a smidge of vanilla-scented glitter on the outer edge of her eyes every morning before 7th grade.
    And also, I think they’re kinda sorta neat.

  8. You are using photographs that have breached copyright laws. The photograher used other peoples work to enter (Swarovski contest) NOT HIS OWN, he is being sued by the rightful photographer. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT USE SWAROVSKI CONTACT LENSES. The ‘Sparkle’ contact lenses are the second place winner in the ‘Crystal Vision’ competition co-organized by designboom and Swarovski. NOT his own work!!!

  9. I’m a *guy* and I’d wear these. I think they look that good!

    Where and when are they available, if at all?

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