Sock Horror! Silk Toes half socks


We’ve shown you toe socks- and, indeed, toe tights – and we’ve shown you half socks. Now, readers, we bring you… toe half socks! We’re sure there must be a reasonable explanation for the existence of such things in the world, but we have no idea what that explanation may be. If you know, tell us. Please.

Apparently these are easier to keep on than "regular" half socks, so perhaps that’s it, and if you’re a half-sock wearer, you’ll find these to be the best thing since… well, half socks. If that’s the case, you can buy them for $12 at Sock Dreams.


  • September 3, 2008


    Um. What would you wear regular half socks for in the first place?

  • September 3, 2008


    Besides Bear Grilles putting socks over his boots to get better traction while crossing a glacier, I see no reason to wear half socks!

  • September 3, 2008


    What for???

  • September 3, 2008

    The Fashion Police

    Apparently people wear them with clogs (OMG, Crocs and half socks, maybe – a marriage made in hell!) and other backless shoes. They make no sense to me either, though.

  • September 3, 2008

    Sock Boutique

    People wear those half socks with clogs and other shoes for cleanliness. They soak up sweat. Your feet sweat several gallons a year actually. I personally am not a fan or half socks but I can see how they would help. Me personally – I wear full socks or no socks with dress shoes.

  • September 3, 2008


    they’re also for dancers. 😉

  • September 4, 2008


    Haha, yeah, I was going to say that I use something similar for dancing classes.

  • September 5, 2008


    These are hilarious. I imagine they wouldn’t stay put.

  • August 1, 2009


    These are for people that hate to have the bare feet inside a closed heel. They are perfect and they do stay in place. More women should try them instead of having sweaty toes in the summer time in your cute pumps.

  • September 2, 2010


    I use half socks sometimes in flat shoes with a back as if you use a full sock it can cause the heel to move. As well as this seams on the inside of the shoe can cause irritation so by putting a sock inbetween you and the shoe it can increase comfort. As far as the individual toes, I do find that really strange but I know some socks are made like that for runners. Something about it increasing performance.

  • May 16, 2012


    These are not for everyone but I have extremely sweaty feet (Yuck!) that are hard to fit so I mostly wear clogs. I ordered 2 pairs of these and wear them when I wear clogs. They are not as hot as full socks and no one knows you have them on. They are made out of silk and wrap each toe in silky dry comfort. No more slimy toes! I love them so much I’m ordering more.

  • March 22, 2014


    The point of these is to reap the benefit of socks without the socks being visible in shoes that regular socks would look terrible with. I have to wear special spacers between my toes due to genetic foot issues. It is more comfortable (and less sweaty) with a sock between them and my toes, so toe socks are what I wear now, even with shoes that I would normally not wear socks with. Having this sock available to purchase actually allows more shoe options for me. People without specific foot issues wear toe socks and barefoot shoes for natural and proper toe spread, thus a healthier foot and spine alignment.