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September 2008

Fashion Police

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Fashion Police

Dress of the Day: Tibi patch pocket dress

Tibi_dress_2 Hey, look, it’s The Fashion Police uniform, only in red! And, er, with long sleeves. So, not The Fashion Police uniform at all, then, but still a great little dress that will at least help you stand out amongst the sea of little black dresses at the very next party you go to, or, as Net-a-Porter suggest, you can always dress it down for daytime with a pair of opaque tights and boots.

There’s just something very classic about the shape of this dress, and the bright red colour is irresistible to us during the gloom of winter because it’s such an effortless way to give your outfit some impact.

This is by Tibi and is $390 at Net-a-Porter


Open shoulder hoody by Cheap Monday: not exactly practical


We’d hesitate to call this a crime of fashion, because, let’s face it, we’ve seen worse, haven’t we? Like much worse

No, this is just the kind of thing that makes us scratch our heads a little and wonder why, for the love of God, anyone would want an open-shoulder hoody. Seriously, why? Can someone explain this to us? Is it for people with unusually sweaty shoulders? Are there situations in life which necessitate covering your ears, arms and body, but leaving your shoulders bare? And if so, what are they?

"Keep your head toasty but your shoulders cool," says the Urban Outfitters website, where you can buy this for $55. But why would you need to do that, Urban Outfitters? WHY?

Crimes of Fashion

Paris Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 09. We’re scared…


Paris Fashion Week is under way, folks, and if this is the shape of things to come, well, next summer is going to be interesting to say the least…

Consider the outfit above, for instance, from the Anne Valérie Hash show. We’re probably going to be having nightmares about this for weeks now. A sheer top, a bottom that will have all eyes on your crotch, a strange, drapey bit to the side, and let’s not even think about what this is going to look like from the back. No, seriously, let’s not even think about it. Moving along…

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Fashion Trends, Trousers/Pants

Fashion Trends: seven-eighths trousers, a.k.a. “ankle length”


One thing the fashion world is very good at is making up new names for old clothes, perhaps in the hope that it’ll trick us all into believing the style is something new and different, rather than just the same old, same old. Witness, for instance, the “seven-eighths trouser”, more commonly known as “ankle length” or “ankle grazers”.

These are longer than capris but shorter than “regular” trousers, and unlike the peg-legs we featured earlier this month, they don’t have to be tapered, but are generally the same length all the way down. All well and good, but what do you think of them? We have to admit to a certain fondness for this style, although we think it can be a little hard to pull off without looking like your trousers are just too short in the leg, no?

The ones shown above are by Elizabeth and James, and are $275 at Shopbop, but there are lots of these around at the moment. Will you be wearing them, though?


Save or Splurge: tie-side briefs

Side_tie_briefsOK, so clearly the two items shown above aren’t identical, but the style is roughly the same, so what we want to know is: how much would you pay for a pair of knickers, anyway?

The pair on the left are from Accessorize, are made of cotton and are a wallet-friendly £6. The ones on the right, meanwhile, are much more of a splurge at £65, but they are made of silk, and are by Myla, available at Net-a-Porter.

We think both are rather cute, but tell us: is the luxury of silk worth all that extra cash to you, or would you settle for cotton and spend the extra £59 on something else? Assuming that you’d even buy this style in the first place, would you save or splurge?

[More Save or Splurge items!]
Crimes of Fashion, Shoes

More Ugg-style attrocities


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

On the right of the picture, dead rabbit. On the right, dead fox. Both atop dead sheep, of course. What’s with the proliferation of real fur in fashion right now? Every day as we police the web we see real fur for sale in stores which, just a couple of years ago, probably wouldn’t have considered selling it. Is the wearing of real fur no longer as taboo as it used to be? Because it seems to us that a large part of the fashion industry just doesn’t care any more, and while we’ve discussed the use of fur in fashion more than enough times already here, we’ve still been surprised lately to find out just how much of it there is around this winter. Is it slowly becoming more acceptable to wear it, do you think, or will there always be a taboo connected to items like the ones shown above?


Dress of the Day: Divine bodice dress by Acquascutum

Acquascutum_dress Once again, it’s the colour more than anything else that drew us to this bright green dress by Acquascutum, although the fitted bodice has lots of appeal, too.

We think this is the kind of dress that could adapt to lots of different occasions, and the colour is always going to make it that little bot more interesting than basic black. Is it interesting enough to make us want to pay £795 for it? Er, that would be a “no”. A firm one. If you do, though, you can get it at Net-a-Porter.

Want to nominate a Dress of the Day?

Just send us a link to the dress of your dreams along with a short note telling us what it is you like about it. We’ll do the rest!

Shoes, Style On Trial

Shoe Style on Trial: Irregular Choice’s ‘Cortesan’ flower courts


We know what we think of these Cortesan court shoes by Irregular Choice, but on the other hand, we also know that Irregular Choice shoes, by their very nature, tend to inspire very strong reactions in people, and so rather than tell you what we think of them, we’re just going to sit back, relax, and let you tell us what you you think. Because, quite frankly, after the drop-crotch leggings we showed you earlier today, we could be doing with a break…

Have at them, then readers: tell us what you think!

Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

Peggy Noland’s drop-crotch leggings: still Public Enemy # 1


We know we’ve featured Peggy Noland’s drop-crotch leggings before here at The Fashion Police, but every time we find them still being sold somewhere, another little bit of our faith in humanity disappears, so when we discovered the shocking images above at Karmaloop today, we knew our Public Enemy # 1 was still at large. And when we say "large", we’re talking mostly about that crotch

So, at the risk of repeating ourselves, we say to you now, readers: this is NOT OK. Ever. Under any circumstances. Now, let us never speak of this again…

Sock Horror!

Zip-up socks by Leg Avenue


If you follow fashion at all, you’ll probably have noticed that visible zips are appearing on everything at the moment, from skirts and dresses to… socks. These ones are by Leg Avenue, and you can buy them for £16 per pair at ASOS. They describe them as "Biker" socks, and we guess we can see that – they will definitely toughen up whatever you decide to wear with them, but what do you think of them? Do you think zip-up-socks make a refreshing change from the norm, or do you prefer to pull your socks up, the traditional way?

Celebrity Fashion

Victoria Beckham spotted in Antonio Berardi heel-less boots

Victoriabeckham_bootsWe already knew Victoria Beckham was a fan of Antonio Nerardi’s heel-free shoes, but here she is actually wearing them, and getting more attention for her choice of footwear than for the fragrance she was launching at the time.

Victoria wore the thigh-high PVC numbers to the launch of The Beckhams’ ‘Signature’ fragrance in New York, pairing them with a thigh-skimming short grey dress. She appears to be managing to balance in them pretty well, although, of course, she’s had plenty of practice walking in heels. What do you think of this look, though? Hit or miss?

Crimes of Fashion, Shoes

Animal meets Ugg – leopard print Ugg boots

Leopard_print_uggs Hate animal print? Not so keen on Ugg boots? This unholy alliance of the two is probably going to be one of your worst fashion nightmares if that’s the case – in fact, you’re probably cowering under your desk in terror as we write this.

Those of you who find the marriage of animal and Ugg something to be celebrated, on the other hand, will be pleased to know that these can purchased for the grand sum of £140 from Office. Will you be buying them, though?


Coat Corner: Tie shawl coat from Oli


We’re not quite sure why this model looks so very concerned. We’d be feeling pretty darn pleased if we were wearing this cute little coat from Oli, but then, perhaps she knows something we don’t. Or maybe she’s just had a peek inside the Fashion Police jail while she’s here, who knows…

This is another example of the way big collars are taking over the outerwear world this winter. We’re not complaining: the collar, belt and colour of this all help add a shot of glamour to the coat, and the length will make it easy to wear with either jeans/trousers or dresses and skirts. It looks very glam with the pencil skirt shown in this picture, but throw it on with a pair of jeans and it’ll still look good – and will help smarten them up a little, too. It’s £60 at Oli.


Dress of the day: Bright red dress by Christian Dior

Dior_dress Yes, we know, we know – some of you are going to just hate this with every atom of your being. Why? Well, take a look at the back view, and the great big bow attached to it. Why yes, it does look a little like a gaudily wrapped gift, now you come to mention it…

What the hell, though. It’s Friday. It’s the end of another long, working week. It’s time to crack open the bubbly and celebrate, and what better way to do it than in a bright red, overpriced designer dress with not one but two bows attached to it?

This is by Christian Dior and it’s £1655 at Browns. Enjoy!


Handbag of the Week: Kooba’s ‘Tracey’ hobo


Sometimes handbags are at their best when they’re all pristine and new, but other times they look better when they’ve been worn in a little – a bit like your favourite, softest old pair of jeans. This one by Kooba is, of course, brand new, but it has that “will get better with age” look about it that really appeals to us. We’re also fans of the studs which you can see on the trim, here: it helps give the bag a bit of a rock-star vibe to it, which will look great with jeans and other casual looks.  As for the price, well, it ain’t cheap at $695, but if you like it, you can buy it at Nordstrom.


Daylight Robbery: Marc by Marc Jacobs leggings

Marc_by_marcjacobs_leggingWe should probably begin here by saying that the idea of paying $158 for ANY pair of leggings is anathema to The Fashion Police, because:

a) We’re poor
b) And slightly stingy
c) We know we can buy them for about £5 in H&M
d) They’re leggings

These ones by Marc Jacobs, however, have surprised us even more, however, because, as well as serving all of the purposes leggings usually serve, these ones will allow you to create the impression that you got yourself a couple of bad leg injuries that’ve had to be bound up nice n’ tight. Is THAT what justifies the $158 price tag, we wonder? Is it the glitter, perhaps? Or is it just the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand name on the label? You decide…

Crimes of Fashion, Skirts

Preen’s ‘Wedge’ skirt: hips are big this year – literally.

Preen_skirt This isn’t the first big-hipped skirt we’ve had to apprehend recently, so we can come to only one conclusion, and it’s a scary one: hips are clearly "in fashion" this year. Eeek!

Fashionable or not, we don’t think we’ll be paying £270 for Preen’s ‘Wedge’ skirt anytime soon, and we reckon the reasons for this should be fairly obvious. Like, "sticking out like a couple of massive saddlebags" obvious.

Seriously, though, what’s hidden under there? Is it a new way to carry your belongings? Actual saddlebags? Or just a skirt that’ll give new meaning to the phrase "childbearing hips"? We’re not sure, but if you think it’s the best thing since the farthingale, you can buy it here.