Pierrot hat with pom poms from Toshop: explain, please…

Pierrot_hat OK, someone needs to explain this to us quickly, before we put out an APB on all persons seen wearing this thing. Actually, we’re probably going to do that anyway, because last time we checked, it was August, not October, and we’re still a loooong way away from Halloween.

Please tell us Topshop are selling this as a Halloween prop? Surely they’re not expecting people to walk around with it as part of their normal dress? Has the Comme des Garcons "mad clown" thing reached the high street already? Has the whole world gone mad?

If it has, and you really, really want to dress like a clown, this hat is £15 from Topshop. But we’re really hoping there’s an innocent explanation for this…


  • Reply August 22, 2008


    That’s just hideous.

  • Reply August 22, 2008


    Fascinating! It’s such an iconic hat, of course…but to appear in a mass market store that doesn’t specialize in costuming? What on EARTH is going on? I mean, nobody jumped on the Top hat trend beyond super devoted hipster types, but THIS is going to be the next big thing? It’s the dawning of the age of the Joker, I called it.

  • Reply August 22, 2008


    Beldar Conehead just called.
    He wants his hat back.

  • Reply August 25, 2008


    the worst thing about this, is that i could make this in like two mins by taking a piece of paper out the pritner next to me and rolling it up a bit.
    but i suppose it’s good if you have a massive lump on your head

  • Reply August 26, 2008

    Rock Hyrax

    Found the outfit to match:

  • Reply September 7, 2008


    calm down, it’s just a hat… reasonable price, too ;)

  • Reply October 16, 2008


    Eerily reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys.

  • Reply November 29, 2008


    It’s that sad opera clown’s hat.

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