It’s time for another Wear or Die, folks – the game where everyone’s a loser, because they have to either choose an ugly item of clothing to wear, or die.

Today, we’ve searched high and low for the ugliest items around. We finally found them on eBay (the dress on the left) and Metropark (right) and now that we’ve found them, we’re going to sit back and wait while you decide which of these fine items of clothing you’d choose to wear, assuming that you had to wear one – or die!

What’s your choice? 


  1. I kinda like the Metro Park dress and would wear it with some turquoise boots to a trendy club. A very trendy club.

  2. The one on the right, I suppose, with black leggings and some deep red flats and a killer bracelet. Oh, and I wouldn’t leave my house. Oh, and I wouldn’t let anyone visit that day. But I’d wear it. Until my cats start making fun of me.

  3. Yeah, couldn’t (sadly) manage the stomach mesh, so by default the one on the right. Kate has a good idea though – not leaving the house…

  4. illusion netting in the midsection is a sin. I’d have to go with the one on the right and wear it to an 80′s themed party with some leggings and a hair bow.

  5. I second the “on the right” comments. Originally I thought the left one, just because it’s longer, but with leggings the one on the right…because nobody needs to see my buddha belly.

  6. I would only wear the one on the left if I could wait untill halloween…and maybe wear a shirt underneath it.

  7. The one on the right cracks me up, so I guess I’d go with that one. Looks like it needs a pair of big sunglasses and poofy 80′s hair to go with it.

  8. I thought the left would win the majority for sure. I wouldn’t be too embarrassed to wear it, really. Not that bad. Only I cant wear orange-y colors.

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