When we first read about these, over at Shoewawa, we thought they may be a joke. Actually, we’re still hoping they’re a joke, because yes, that is real grass you’re looking at folks. And yes, they’re made by the same Krispy Kreme who make doughnuts. No, we don’t understand why either.

Currently being handed out free to London commuters, each shoe contains around 5,000 blades of real grass, which, if watered, will last for about four months. Presumably you’ll also need a pair of nail scissors to "mow the lawn" with, too…

We’re guessing the idea here is to give stressed-out Londoners the chance to feel the grass beneath their feet as they tread the dusty streets of the capital (all the way to the nearest Krispy Kreme, presumably), but the idea of having to water your shoes seems just a little bit odd to us.

Oh: and they’re ugly. Did we almost forget to mention that?

(Actually, we really want doughnuts now, so we guess the idea does work for Krispy Kreme. And hey, police officers gotta eat doughnuts, right?)


  1. Oh my God! These are definetely the weirdest shoes ever! The convertible sneakers/flip flops look pretty good right now :)

  2. it has to be a gimmick!
    I don’t quite get it – there is actually rather a lot of grass in London if you care to look for it, and those that want it generally find it. So just very, very odd!
    And yes, police officers definitely need donuts – especially on stake outs etc.

  3. Oddly – I really think they are quite cute and would be nice to slip into after a looooong day in city shoes when at home – like kinda funky slippers.

  4. 1. Why is Krispy Kreme making anything other than food?
    2. It’s an interesting concept, but I’d rather spend my time relaxing in a park, but yes, the grass would turn to flattened mush after several minutes of walking on the same grass as opposed to a field full of grass.
    3. “Mow the lawn”. *snicker*

  5. Why don’t they hand out doughnuts instead? The sugar hit would at least temporarily relieve my stress. Anyway, flip flops are enough of a pain in the arse without putting bloody grass inside them. Maybe I’ll try them if I want to feel like a hobbit for a day. Not that bloody Frodo though , he too is a pain in the arse. Samwise Gamgee might be up for that kind of a thrill but I, my dear, am not.

  6. A very good point re: the grass turning into mush. And wouldn’t it stain your feet green eventually, too?
    Definitely a gimmick, but props to Krispy Kreme for getting themselevs talked about. Still don’t quite see how it related to doughnuts, mind you…

  7. Ha ha, I actually think it’s a cool idea.
    It’s obviously not made to be fashionable so I think they’re just fun! It’s probably for some advertising thing, like it’ll coincide with some new commercials that they have or something like that.

  8. I would wear these as slippers, just because I like to walk barefoot in the grass. I would NEVER be seen in public with them though.

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