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July 2008


Swimwear Section: Jantzen ruched ‘Vamp’ retro one-piece


Well, we did warn you we’d be embracing our love of all things retro – for the rest of the day at least – so we make no apology for filling our Swimwear Section with this gorgeous retro one-piece by Jantzen, which has truly earned the name ‘Vamp’.

Proof that you don’t have to flash lots of flesh to look sexy, this just needs to be paired with a pair of dark sunglasses and a slash of red lipstick for the perfect 50s style. We don’t normally wear bandeau tops to the beach for fear of showing more than we really wanted to, but we reckon the one-piece style might make this feel more secure than most.

Now, if only we could find a UK stockist…

[Buy: Jantzen ‘Vamp’ swimsuit]


Dress of the Day: Vogue Glamour Blush dress from Stop Staring

Retro_dress Oh, what the hell… We’ve been on a real retro-fashion kick lately (more so than usual, we mean), and we’ve decided to just give in to it, and make this lovely pink dress from Stop Staring our Dress of the Day.

It’s the Vogue Glamour dress in blush, it’s $141 and it’s also available in grey. We’re sorry to say it’s currently only available in a size small in this colour, which wouldn’t normally appeal to us at all, but which we think is perfect with the black accents.

The quiff hairdo isn’t compulsory, but hey, it does complete the look, no?

Want to nominate a Dress of the Day?

Just send us the link and we’ll do the rest! (Please note: if you’re nominating a Dress of the Day, please remember that not everyone will appreciate your choice, and some can be quite vicious in their criticism. We’re used to it, but you may not be!)

Fashion Police

Fall Preview: J Crew, Fall 2008


Over the past few days, we’ve been inundated with press releases and information on the Fall collections, and although we’re still trying to cling on bravely to the last rays of summer (It only lasted for four days here at Fashion Police HQ, so you can understand why we’re reluctant to see the end of it already), we’ve decided to bow to the pressure and start showing you some of what’s to come, starting with one of our favourites, the J. Crew Fall 2008 collection.

We love the use of bright colours here – we think we’re going to be needing them after this gloomy summer – and the way they’ve all been thrown together, with some unexpected combinations. There’s a lot of yellow, which we know will make many of you cringe in horror, but we love it, and we particularly love that coat on the left… The foldover collar on the jacket is also right up our street, and the shoes the model is wearing with the coat are to die for…

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Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends: summer scarves


What does everyone think of the current trend for summer scarves? Of course, there have always been people who’ve worn scarves in summer, but this year they’ve been popping up on every second person, including many a celebrity neck. Jessica Alba, for instance, is seen above wearing the ‘Karma’ scarf by Sir Alistair Rai, whose Buddhist and Hindu prayer scarves have been popular with the celebs this year.

These scarves come in at around about the $100 mark (and above), but of course, there are cheaper scarves available on the high street, in every kind of shape, style and pattern imaginable. The one on the top left of our picture is £15 from Topshop, but summer scarves are being stocked just about everywhere right now.

Personally, we love this look: it’s a good way to add some interest to a simple outfit, and Fashion Police HQ is based in a climate where the scarves actually have some function in summer, as well as being simple fashion accessories, too.

What do you think of this look? 

Fashion Police

Fashion Accessories: Olsen-style corsage head wraps from Urban Outfitters


Can’t you just imagine Mary-Kate Olsen wearing one of these? We can – and we can actually imagine ourselves wearing them too, which makes a pleasant change. Alice bands have been big this year, and we probably have Blair Waldorf to thank for that, but if you’re tired of the little-girl look, these area little bit bohemian, a little bit 40s-flapper-girl, and a good way to deal with a bad hair day.

The pink band is £10, and also available in black and white, while the silver one is £8 and also available in black and purple. Both are from Urban Outfitters

Shoes, Style On Trial

Style on Trial: Lightning bolt stilettos by DSquared2


Unusual heels have been everywhere this season, so we thought it was time we asked what you actually think of them. The DSquared2 shoes shown above are actually one of the tamer versions of this trend (think of the kind of things Miu Miu and Prada have been doing to shoes recently if you don’t believe me), with a red lightning bolt used to hold you up.

The heel height is an impressive 5.25 inches here, so they won’t be the easiest shoes to walk in, but Zappos say you’ll "Become  a semiconductor of envious energy when you’re exploding with electric style wearing the ‘Flash 2 Open Toe Pump’ by DSquared2." We don’t think we can out-do them on the "electricity" references there, so instead we’re just going to move straight to asking you: what do you think of these shoes? Do they make you tingle with joy, or do you wish they’d just be struck by lightning?

(Sorry, looks like we did want to take part in the Zappos word game after all…)


Reader-Nominated Dress of the Day: Kerry dress from Delia’s


Another reader-nominated Dress of the Day, this time from KT, who nominated this ‘Kerry’ dress from Delia’s.

KT says: "I found this pretty little number while online shopping – it’s a nice change from all the shapeless empire-waisted things that seem to be all the rage right now!  Even though I’m not a floral person, I still like the print, and can see wearing this to everything from errands to weddings."

The dress is $29.50 and you’ll find it at dELiAs.cOm.

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Wear or Die

Wear or Die: Black or white?


As Michael Jackson once so eloquently put it, "If you’re thinking ’bout my baby, it don’t matter if you’re black or white". When you’re playing Wear or Die with The Fashion Police, however, it might matter to you if you’re wearing black or white, because neither of these choices are particularly attractive ones, in our opinion at least.

This is the choice that faces you today, though, dear readers: you must wear one of these two dresses, or die. So what’ll it be: black or white?


Swimwear Section: The Bettie retro one piece swimsuit by Pinup Couture


We are trying to bring you some swimwear that isn’t retro or nautical for our Swimwear Section, we promise, but we just keep getting distracted by these gorgeous retro styles, and who are we to resist them? This polka dot one piece is know as ‘The Bettie’, and it’s $68 at Pin Up Girl Clothing. It may be a little too retro for some tastes, but if you’re a big fan of pin up girl style, this is the one for you! It’s also available in red.

Handbags, Wanted!

Wanted! Faith’s Bdusty heart-shaped handbag


The last thing The Fashion Police need in their lives (or, indeed, their bulging wardrobes) is yet another cutesy handbag, but when Faith insist on placing ones like this right in front of our eyes when we log onto their website, well, it’s hard to resist, isn’t it?

This is their Bdusty bag, it’s £30, it’s also available in black, and we’d put money on it not being available for very long, such is its general adorableness. We’re going to try and look away now, lest we be led into temptation…

Sock Horror!

Sock Horror! Gladiator socks by Mini Sock


It’s been a while since we last had a Sock Horror to report  to you, but this one’s a doozy. They’re Mini Sock’s ‘Shanghai’ lycra tie front socks, and we suspect they have the power to make even the shapeliest of legs look… strange.

At first glance, we actually thought these were boots, and actually, we’re not sure whether that would’ve been better or worse. If you don’t like gladiator boots, though, we’re guessing you’re not going to like these much either, and we can’t help but imagine with horror:

a) all of the faffing around of a morning as we struggled to lace-up our socks. Yes, we’re lazy.


b) the "attractive" lines that would be left on our legs when we wore these. Ever had a "sock elastic" imprint left on your ankle? This would be so much worse.

Of course, if you disagree, and think these are the best things since gladiator sandals themselves, you’ll find them at ASOS where they’re £35. Yes, £35. Oh, and there’s also an ankle sock version available, and a pair of the knee-highs which have lace at the back. Oh dear… 

Crimes of Fashion, Shoes

Krispy Kreme make grass flip flops. Fashion Police perplexed.


When we first read about these, over at Shoewawa, we thought they may be a joke. Actually, we’re still hoping they’re a joke, because yes, that is real grass you’re looking at folks. And yes, they’re made by the same Krispy Kreme who make doughnuts. No, we don’t understand why either.

Currently being handed out free to London commuters, each shoe contains around 5,000 blades of real grass, which, if watered, will last for about four months. Presumably you’ll also need a pair of nail scissors to "mow the lawn" with, too…

We’re guessing the idea here is to give stressed-out Londoners the chance to feel the grass beneath their feet as they tread the dusty streets of the capital (all the way to the nearest Krispy Kreme, presumably), but the idea of having to water your shoes seems just a little bit odd to us.

Oh: and they’re ugly. Did we almost forget to mention that?

(Actually, we really want doughnuts now, so we guess the idea does work for Krispy Kreme. And hey, police officers gotta eat doughnuts, right?)


Dress of the Day: Sailor t-shirt dress by Charlotte Ronson

Sailor_dress We’re going casual again for this week’s Dress of the Day, with this simple little sailor t-shirt dress by Charlotte Ronson, which is $184 at Urban Outfitters.

Generally speaking, we don’t tend to like the "joined together skirt and t-shirt" look, but in this case we’re willing to overlook it, mostly because the overall effect is so cute and, we think, perfect for a causal summer day.

The t-shirt top has a scooped back, while the rear-view of the skirt reveals a row of blue buttons. It’s a nice way to wear the nautical trend without an anchor in sight, although it is a little pricey for such a casual piece…

Want to nominate a Dress of the Day?

We’re always looking for fabulous new dresses for this daily feature, so if you’ve seen a dress you think deserves the title, email us a link to it and let us make it our Dress of the Day!


More mutant footwear: convertible sneakers/flip flops


It’s a mark of how changeable the British weather is right now that The Fashion Police found ourselves looking at the images above and thinking, "Actually, we can kind of see how those bad boys might come in handy sometimes…"

That’s not to say we like them, of course – they are multicloured baseball boots after all – but hey, who hasn’t found themselves thinking, "Damn, but I wish I could just zip the tops off my sneakers and turn them into flip flops"? Anyone? ANYONE?

These cost somewhere in the region of £110, according to Fashion Police Cadet, Alexia, who reported them to us, and if all those zips are anything to go by, it looks like you can convert them, not just to flip flops, but to different heights of ugly sneakers, too. If that sounds like the kind of thing you might want to do, you can order a pair here.

Fashion News

Men in Tights: eMAN-cipate want to make it acceptable for men to wear pantyhose. Is it?


For years they’ve been the sole province of us women, but now men want to wear tights, apparently. Or rather, some men want to wear tights. These are the men being targeted by eMAN-cipate – a website which aims "to accelerate the acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item".

The site claims it is not a fetish site, and contains an illustrated guide showing men how to put on pantyhose, plus handy hints for those trying them for the first time, including, "Don’t wear anything unusual (apart from pantyhose of course), used clothes are basically better than new ones, and the more conservative style is the better."

Basically, they just really want it to be acceptable for men to wear tights. So, is it?

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Gluejeans: they’re held together with glue, you know…


Still wearing jeans made the old fashioned way – with thread? Well now, that’s just so last week according to Dutch denim manufacturers Gluejeans, who’ve started making jeans held together with – yes, you guessed it – glue.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, but apparently they’ve been testing these for two years now and are sure the glue is durable and will hold your jeans together. They also think the contrast of the thick, coloured glue against denim is what will make these a fashion winner, but we think we’d need to see them in the flesh (or "in the denim", rather) to be able to make any kind of judgment on that.

These aren’t stocked in stores as yet (although they will be soon), so if you’re desperate to get your hands on a pair, you’re going to have to visit the company’s showroom in Amsterdam – you’ll find details on their website.

So, glued-together jeans: the fashion of the future, do you think?

Celebrity Fashion, Fashion News, Handbags

Mischa Barton designs handbag range for ASOS


That Mischa Barton is often described as a fashion "icon" has long been a source of surprise to The Fashion Police. This is, after all, a woman who has seen the inside of the Fashion Jail more often than most, although, to be fair, she’s had her share of stylish moments too.

If you’re amongst those who think Mischa’s style is to be admired, then, you may be interested to hear that the actress has just designed a line of handbags for The Coco Shoulder Bag (above left) and embossed leather bag (right) are shown above, and you’ll find more images from the line under the jump. What do you think of Mischa’s prowess as a handbag designer? Will you be buying?

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Swimwear Section: ‘Treasure Island’ tankini by Seafolly

Tankini_2  The perfect halfway house between the bikini and the onepiece, the tankini allows you to flash a bit of midriff, should you want to, while still keeping you a little more covered up than an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bikini.

The resurgence of the nautical trend this summer has left us with a taste for all things stripey, so while we appreciate that horizontal stripes aren’t for everyone, they always seem very seaside-appropriate to us, and we like the use of them here, especially in the stripes belt, which is the main point of interest here.

This tankini is by Seafolly, and is pretty damn expensive, however: £38 for the bottoms, and £53 for the top, although there is also a bikini top option, which will bring the total price down slightly, coming in at £44.

Get it from Figleaves.


Reader-Nominated Dress of the Day: Retro polka dot dress from Vivien of Holloway

Another reader-nominated Dress of the Day for you today, folks. This dress was nominated by Sian, who says it’s so perfect she wants one in every colour. The colours in question are black, blue and red, and the price is £89. You can buy it from Vivien of Holloway.

Want to nominate a Dress of the Day? Just email us a link to your dress, and tell us a little bit about why you love it!

Knitwear, Wanted!

Wanted! Stripe bow pocket cardigan from Miss Selfridge

Stripe_bow_pocket_cardigan This little bow pocket cardigan from Miss Selfridge will be literally too cute for some of you, who probably want to vomit right about now, but if you’re into that retro/pin-up-girl look, pair this with with either a 50’s style circle skirt or some denim capris, add red nail-polish and lipstick and some heart-shaped sunglasses and you’ll have the look down pat.

You’ll also look a little like you’re on the way to a fancy dress party, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to tone it down easily enough too.

It’s £30 from Miss Selfridge.