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To Buy or Not to Buy: Kate Moss pansy print dress on eBay

Kate_moss_pansy_print_dress Dear Fashion Police,

Last year I fell in love with the Kate Moss for Toshop pansy print dress. I didn’t buy one because I couldn’t find any in my size, and also because I don’t generally like wearing things that are very "fashionable", but I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind and I’ve found a couple of the dresses on eBay.

Should I buy one?

~ Alicia

Dear Alicia,

You know, I’m torn here. Normally I’d say that if a dress has been bugging you for an entire year, and it’s still available, the dress needs to be bought. But this is the Kate Moss pansy print dress we’re talking about here, and although I also really like this dress, here’s why I’d say "no":

1. It’s the Kate-Moss-for-Topshop-pansy-print-dress. You say you don’t really like wearing things that are very "fashionable", and while this dress is now a year old, it’s still very recognisable, and if that’s going to bother you, you’d be better off finding something similar.

2. It’s selling on eBay for around £120. Dude, that’s a lot of money for what is, essentially a tea dress. There are dozens of floral-print tea dresses around at the moment for way cheaper than £120, and you’ll also have the benefit of not looking like a Kate Moss clone. Maybe one of these would work for you?

All of this said, I’m STILL torn, because I still tend to think that if you like it that much, you should just go ahead and get it. But, as always, I’m going to leave it up to the Cadets to advise you further, here.

What do you think, readers? Should Alicia buy this dress?

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