Designer Bodyform tins by Preen: for the well-dressed sanitary napkin

Bodyform Some people just love their designer labels, and that means making sure you have designer everything – even sanitary towels. Luckily for those people, Preen have just designed a range of four special tins for Bodyform, which can be used to store those feminine products and carry them in your handbag without exposing them to the world every time you open it.

All joking aside, we think this is actually a pretty useful idea: if you do, too, the tins will be available with special packs of Bodyform while stocks last. Just make sure you choose one that matches your outfit, ‘mkay?

  1. I understand the use of it, and I kind of like the style of it, but being just an oversized tin, does it have to be designer? How much does it sell for?

  2. If you want to be discreet, why shove them in a tin that’s been advertised on TV for the purpose? Can’t we just keep them in the zippy bit of our handbags like we’ve always done? And surely the ‘designer’ aspect is negated by the fact that everyone knows it was a free gift anyway

  3. I just bought one, this pink one actually, and it was 99p with a packet of bodyform.
    i havent seen it on tv, so i dont care if everone knows what it is, but its a darn site more pretty to look at than random pads in the bottom of your handbag!!

  4. I wouldn’t mind having one of these, but alas, not in the US :( It’d be handy for keeping the pad extra protected, so nothing pokes through the wrapper and breaks the sterile seal. It’d also be handy for a little emergency money stash tin, too. I keep that sort of thing when I travel in case I lose my wallet somehow.

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